Wednesday, April 14, 2010

McMahon Makes "Donations" To Republican Town Committees

Paul Improta - Chairman of the Bethel Republican Town Committee recently wrote about Linda McMahon's "unsolicited contributions" to his Committee in a Facebook post comment.
"Unlike Simmons, who I sense views TC wooing as a necessary evil, Linda has done more than paid lipservice. First, she did spend three hours sequestered with us. Secondly, she gave us unsolicited financial support at a time when we could most use it.

Contrast this with Simmons who showed up to our low key holiday affair and proceeded to glad-hand everyone while their dinners got cold. At the same dinner, Simmons caught wind that McMahon had made the earlier contribution, and promised to match it - Five months later we are still waiting. We haven't seen Simmons since.

She has followed up and stayed in touch, even calling me personally on my cell phone to thank me for my continued support.

She gave us a donation - it was appreciated - written from her own personal account. Simmons welched, and Schiff was a no-show."

"Unsolicited financial support" from her own personal account... I guess that makes it o.k. and ethical and really decent of her. (wink, wink, nod, nod)
Did she ever support this RTC in the past?
If not, then why now?
It's nice that she keeps in touch with them too.
Subsequently that Republican Town Committee has unanimously endorsed McMahon, and they haven't even heard from all candidates.
Imagine that ... Linda McMahon with the appearance of "Buying Bethel".
But they aren't alone.

Could McMahon possibly be buying Republican Town Committee votes?
Word has it that delegations of 15 and up might be going for $2,000, and 10 - 15 are worth $1,500. Others may just take what they can get.
In my opinion, this type of thing is beyond disgusting candidate and RTC behavior.
It is exactly what we DON'T want to send to Washington!

Some RTC's - like Preston- actually still have their integrity intact. They refused a "donation".
This from the NY Times:
John Moulson, the chairman of the Republican Town Committee in Preston in southeastern Connecticut, said the committee rejected a donation offered by Ms. McMahon’s campaign.

“We didn’t want to feel we were beholden to her,” Mr. Moulson said. “It kind of feels like they were trying to buy our vote. It’s as simple as that. I would feel the same way if it was Simmons offering the money.”
In fact, according to the NYT article, from August to December 2009 alone, McMahon contributed nearly $17,000 to Republican Town Committees and more than $10,000 to individual candidates.

This is exactly why this country is in the toilet - because of politicians who think they can buy their way into Congress and people who might allow themselves to be bought. Shame on Bethel and other Republican Town Committees who might, or even appear to, put money ahead of anything else in this race.

The future of this country and the kinds of people we elect are important - and now it is more critical than ever. I would rather elect someone who is really qualified and knows the issues and how to fix the problems then someone who just has lots of money to throw around and who tells you what you want to hear and who just may be buying votes.

Just like we saw the "Cornhusker Kickback" and the "Louisiana Purchase" in Washington - I guess in Connecticut we have seen what could now be termed as the "Town Committee Tribute".

It certainly sheds some light on how Linda does business and how she'll operate in Congress.


David Aron said...

It appears that Linda McMahon is "doing business" with the Republican Town Committees the same way she "did business" with Rahm Emmanuel and other Democrats.

Colin McEnroe thinks that Schiff supporters disregard CT voters and want to dispense with the formality of the primary... Patently untrue. In fact, we welcome the fight! Hey, Colin! McMahon's actions betray her true contempt for Connecticut voters. She has basically told us she doesn't care what our opinions are, since she will pay us to change them. She seems to regard this election as some sort of elaborate purchasing process. It is quite disgusting that her only principles seem to be money and power... like we don't have enough people like that ALREADY in Washington DC.

mccommas said...

She gave us 250 bucks (Windham). She whipped out her checkbook and gave it to our town Chair when she saw her at a UCONN event. I agree with you that this is highly questionable. Back in the day the Town Committees gave candidates money. Not the other way around.

We have been broke forever so money in the bank is very nice for a change. But I doubt the delegates are going to support her. They may not even all know about it.

This one ain't I can tell you that. But Thanks Linda!

Paul Improta said...

Just like the $5 Linda paid for voter registration on college campuses, there is a huge difference here between using taxpayer money, and using one's own personal wealth. Linda can spend her own personal money any way she likes. She is entitled to it, and I appreciate that, unlike her opponents, her spending her own money does not contribute to the deficit - state or nationally.

If you bother to read into my comments, you would see that our TC was impressed that Linda spent an entire Saturday afternoon discussing her candidacy. Simmons paid lipservice - like he was entitled to the position, and Schiff has always been a no-show.

Money or no money, I can assure you that Linda's dedication is what earned her our TC's endorsement, not her balance sheet.

Judy Aron said...

Wow - she spent a whole Saturday with you guys.. How impressive. Are you really that desperate for company? And she made contributions too. Doesn't take much, apparently, to get your votes.

You do realize after she left your gathering she probably forgot all about you and your TC. She got what she wanted and now you are a used Kleenex.

What's worse is you actually believe what she told you.