Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Obama Way To Control College Students

Well, we all know that the government has been inextricably involved in student lending towards their college costs for the past couple of decades, but this last power grab included in the healthcare legislation (of all things) portends a type of control that is inevitable, and quite sobering if you really digest the implications.

The reconciliation process of the healthcare bill was the only way that Obama and his crew were able to get the complete nationalization of the student loan industry a "fait accompli". As a stand alone piece of legislation, it never would have passed muster in both houses of Congress.

Basically, the government eliminated the middlemen of the student loan industry; middle men that were being subsidized all along. Now, instead of the government paying private banks and other institutions to lend money to college students, the U.S. Department of Education will lend money directly. It's a complete take over. It's supposed to save money. It won't. In fact it is a guarantee that college tuitions will skyrocket now that schools know that the government and its very very deep pockets (our pockets) will be shelling out the dough to pay for tuition in the form of student loans.

But I digress a bit.

Listen very closely to what Obama said about these loans :
"If you pay your loans on time, you will only have to pay them off for 20 years, and you will only have to pay them off for 10 years if you repay them with service to your community and to our country"

Folks....The bribe is in.

Students will be held financial hostage by the US government.
If you do X, we will forgive your loan, or parts thereof.
Do you see how dangerous that is going to be?
Do you see how these kids will be manipulated?

Our Kids will be hit twice.
Once with college costs that will be unreachable without government help.
And twice again with a government bribe to free them from economic bondage if they bow to the will of government.

Our Kids will pretty much be forced into servitude.
Government servitude.
Like indentured servants to the State.

They will be forced into working in places they have no desire to work in, and in jobs they don't really want.
And we are supposed to be a free nation?
Our kids will be forced to buy insurance, and forced to work off their government backed debt.

That is appalling, and any parent or student who thinks this legislation is a good idea really needs an education.

But this is what happens when a government monopoly like this is created.
It's government's version (or shall I say perversion) of supply and demand.
When the government has all the supply; they can demand whatever they want.

Perhaps it is time for our children to think about other ways to achieve their goals, rather than buy into this financial subjugation.
Maybe they should think of attending school outside of the US, or even do college online, or not do college at all! Maybe they can do apprenticeships and learn some real life skills, or start their own businesses. There are other possibilities that can be and should be explored.

We cannot allow this kind of government tyranny to continue.

"A tax supported, compulsory educational system is the complete model of the totalitarian state." -- Isabel Paterson

"Every step we take towards making the State our Caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the State our Master." - Dwight Eisenhower