Sunday, May 23, 2010

CT Republican Convention Shuts Out Schiff

This doesn't surprise me.
I have seen Republican party leadership do some pretty vile things, even in my own town conventions.

One source emailed me to say:
It's worth noting that not a single person outside the rules committee and parliamentarians saw the rules in effect at the convention. They were left out of the delegate packets and the delegates were misled to believe that a packet of state party bylaw changes were the convention rules. There were also mysterious technical difficulties that distorted Vinny Forras' video and kept Peter's from playing, yet Simmons and McMahon had no trouble.
It was clear however that Linda had that convention before any vote switching occurred.

I agree with Peter Schiff.
I am not beaten or disheartened.
This makes me want to double my support and resolve and bring this to "The People".

The party elites can be bought by Linda McMahon, but Schiff has the true grassroots support.
McMahon is the sort of candidate we are trying to rid Washington of in the first place.

Why has there not been any more "debates" since the one at UHar?
Because Peter destroyed his opponents.
At the convention they wouldn't play Schiff's video and they wouldn't let him speak.
That is pretty amazing, wouldn't you agree?
How do you conduct a convention without speeches from the candidates?

We need real Liberty candidates in Washington to help save this country, not voter buyers and self interested candidates who are merely posers.

Let's get Peter Schiff on the Republican primary ballot.
It'll happen.
He's gonna have an army of people out getting signatures.
You can join them.
On to August!

Please call 203-874-6880 and volunteer today!


Anonymous said...

How the CT Republican party has stooped so low to have a HYPOCRITICAL, pretentious bully like McMahon as their frontrunner is totally beyond any comprehension.

Just look at her summary of "achievements":

Many WWE performers' premature deaths from condoned drug abuse by the McMahons; the message to young male WWE fans that sexual degradation of women and necrophilia "entertainment" were OK; her obstuction of justice during a congressional investigation into the WWF on drug abuse; her refusal to answer news reporters', her opponent's, or the public's probing questions about drug abuse and premature deaths during her reign as the WWE CEO; lying on her application for appointment to the CT Board of Ed; offering college students money if they registered as Republican voters; her slick, grossly over-simplified one-line TV ads; taking something completely out of context about Blumenthal’s service record to the New York Times; her lack of any sincere interest in public service and issues until 9 months ago (she never even voted!).

This list could go on and on, but IMO, she is an out-of-control checkbook and egomaniac...I am also sick of being harassed by her barrage of phony mailers and TV ads and will complain to the FCC if she ever starts a phone-call campaign (as an example of how she may “listen” to her constituents, I asked her campaign office several times to be removed from her mailing list, but my request was completely ignored).

I can't believe any self-respecting CT citizens (especially women) could even begin to support McMahon, based on the degenerate sleaze her WWE business stood for all these years and her attitude that she can buy her way into anything she wants!

The problem is her phony TV ads have brainwashed many people who either don't have the ability to see through her charade, or see it but prefer to ignore it.

I am an independent voter, have never volunteered to work in any political campaign before, but I am so disgusted I will now do whatever I can to help her opponent, whoever that may be, defeat McMahon...if my disgust is any indication of the "silent majority" getting so upset that we are now going to mobilize to defeat her, she is going to be in big trouble, in spite of her money!

Her Waterloo defeat is coming, either at the Republican primary in August or in November! You are going to fall hard McMahon, very hard!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I didn't know the antics that went on. I was pulling for Schiff. More of the same old same old. The powers that be are the pupper masters of the masses. Most conservatives would rather vote the party line than step out to vote for someone with their values who is running under another party (so sad).

Anonymous said...

Judy, You are totally wrong on the facts here. You must have not been at the Convention and are relying upon some biased information. The FACTS are that NONE of the videos played PERFECTLY. There were audio and/or visual problems with ALL of the on Friday. Further, the only candidates that were allowed to speak were those that actually won a nomination. Schiff got about 3% of the votes. That is far from 51%. So when you say that "they didn't let Schiff speak" that is disingenuous. The FACT is that Schiff didn't earn the right to speak at the Convention. Please, if you are to have any credibility, tell the truth (as opposed to the tact taken by Simmons and Blumenthal).

Judy Aron said...

Anonymous - Nah - I am not wrong on the facts - as the facts were clearly stated by Schiff himself, as well as many many others that I have spoken to who attended this sham of a convention. Biased you say? Well, that is YOUR opinion isn't it. You obviously are free from bias. (wink)

The way this convention was structured and executed can certainly be questioned.

One can make up all kinds of excuses why videos didn't work or why people were not allowed to speak. The fact is that the videos were not all played, and not all speakers were allowed to speak, and not all delegates were even allowed to vote for whom they wanted to vote for (I have friends who were delegates and their stories are quite disturbing - they left the event very very frustrated and angry at the party).

So while you may try to defend the actions of party leadership, I have seen first hand on many past occasions (and even when I was a delegate to the State convention) the same kind of manipulations as this in order to get certain people endorsed over others. I think that it is pretty vile for a party to act in this manner. I see you wouldn't agree.

And this is the Liberty movement's message: We are tired of this BS.

Schiff really had more than 3% of the votes to begin with. It really is untrue for you to say he didn't.

Every candidate should have had an opportunity to speak and you'd think the party would have had the decency and courtesy to allow that. They EARN that right when they file their papers to run and spend the time to visit practically every flipping RTC in the state, and spend the time and money it takes to mount a campaign!

Call me disingenuous or anything else that you want, but the truth is the party's behavior was far from fair and it is YOU now who wish to hide behind weak justifications (and anonymity) for their appalling behavior.

Anonymous said...

Judy was talking about the fact that the rules were changed, and the nominees were not allowed to address the convention before voting occurred. Usually the nominees are allowed to make a short speech.

Obviously this would have favored Schiff, as he is the strongest public speaker...which was easily seen in the only debate held between the three. (Which is undoubtedly why neither Simmons or McMahon would agree to another one.)

The fact that they were only allowed to have a couple of endorsement speakers and a 3 minute video was part of a change that favored McMahon over the other nominees.

And were YOU at the convention? I watched it streaming live and saw absolutely no problems with the McMahon video.

And when they claimed they couldn't run Peter's video originally, he was told they would roll it last, after the equipment had been fixed. But it looks like "the fix" was already after everything was running smoothly they changed their minds and decided that they were "behind on time" and couldn't spare the three minutes for Schiff's video...when all others had their's shown. Schiff's video was the only one that was not seen.

You are the one distorting facts.

Anonymous said...

Does it bother anyone that we could potentially have a Senator, Governor, and LT. Governor without a shred of political experience between them? (Linda McMahon, Tom Foley, Lisa Wilson-Foley)
Welcome to CT. politics where the only qualification for high office is money.

PeterSchiffForSenate said...

I am a Republican volunteer with Peter Schiff for Senate, endorsed by Steve Forbes and Ron Paul. There is a Republican primary election on August 10th to see which Republican will go against Dick Blumenthal in November for United States Senator from Connecticut. My candidate Peter Schiff is a conservative economist. Peter is a capitalist, intellectual and businessman who correctly predicted on TV that government policy would cause the economic crash of 2008. Peter has written several books on economics and has been accurate in his predictions over the last 10 years.

There was a Republican primary debate on Thursday between Peter Schiff and Rob Simmons. Linda was invited to attend but declined to debate even though Peter had said that she could bring along some of her advisors to help her answer the questions if needed. Peter was born in New Haven, CT and his family has been in CT for 3 generations. Peter owns an investment advice business that employs over 100 people in 6 offices, home based in Weston.

You can get more information about Peter by visiting his web-site, see your caller ID display for the spelling, or his youtube channel SchiffReport where you can find videos of Peter on the campaign trail, at town hall meetings and during the previous debates. Peter typically speaks for about 4 to 5 minutes without notes and then takes questions from the audience. If you don't have access to the internet, ask for a free DVD video at 203-874-6880

Peter has been in the Republican Party since the early 1980s when he was a Ronald Reagan supporter. Linda on the other hand has recently given money to Rahm Emmanuel. See the Federal Election Commision for details. Linda also spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Boston to help with Democrat Voter Registration. With Republicans like Linda, who needs Democrats. Please vote for Peter Schiff on August 10th. Thanks