Sunday, May 23, 2010

CT Republican Convention Shuts Out Schiff

This doesn't surprise me.
I have seen Republican party leadership do some pretty vile things, even in my own town conventions.

One source emailed me to say:
It's worth noting that not a single person outside the rules committee and parliamentarians saw the rules in effect at the convention. They were left out of the delegate packets and the delegates were misled to believe that a packet of state party bylaw changes were the convention rules. There were also mysterious technical difficulties that distorted Vinny Forras' video and kept Peter's from playing, yet Simmons and McMahon had no trouble.
It was clear however that Linda had that convention before any vote switching occurred.

I agree with Peter Schiff.
I am not beaten or disheartened.
This makes me want to double my support and resolve and bring this to "The People".

The party elites can be bought by Linda McMahon, but Schiff has the true grassroots support.
McMahon is the sort of candidate we are trying to rid Washington of in the first place.

Why has there not been any more "debates" since the one at UHar?
Because Peter destroyed his opponents.
At the convention they wouldn't play Schiff's video and they wouldn't let him speak.
That is pretty amazing, wouldn't you agree?
How do you conduct a convention without speeches from the candidates?

We need real Liberty candidates in Washington to help save this country, not voter buyers and self interested candidates who are merely posers.

Let's get Peter Schiff on the Republican primary ballot.
It'll happen.
He's gonna have an army of people out getting signatures.
You can join them.
On to August!

Please call 203-874-6880 and volunteer today!