Monday, May 3, 2010

The New Mexican American War?

Some claim that this video, and similar ones like it, explain exactly what the Latino leaders in this country really want; a complete take over of the American Southwest. They want what they lost in the Mexican American War. It may not be too far a stretch either, since the Mexican government has pretty much over the past few years given the green light to illegal immigration by handing out instructions on how to sneak across the border, giving them GPS devices, and survival kits.

As for the pro illegal immigration factions featured in the video, some call this a "Mexi-Klan" movement. They are promoting violence and belligerence in opposing and ignoring current US immigration laws, and they are using racism as a cover for their agenda.

The thing is ... where has the Federal government been? Why have they been complicit in allowing illegal immigration to fester as a problem by not enforcing current immigration laws? Have Congressmen been too eager to use the influx of people who need services to further their political careers instead of putting the nation's best interests ahead of their own?

Apparently, it might not just be about picking lettuce or simply seeking a better life in America.

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I wonder if those who were arrested will be asked for proof of citizenship?


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Quite a few of the illegals who come across the border into New Mexico are simply campesinos looking to get away from the drug violence and lawlessness in Chihuahua. But more and more are criminal elements--including very violent and lawless gang members from further south in Central and South America. And some do want to create their own country of Aztlan.
Arizona, OTOH, is seeing much more of an invasion than New Mexico is.

However, most of those who wish to establish La Raza in Aztlan are American citizens of Hispanic descent with an academic background. They are progressives who do not support the existance of either Mexico or the United States in the southwestern part of the North American Continent.

What we in the Southwest must remember is that these last are the most dangerous ones. The issue isn't the issue--in this case the issue for them is not really immigration reform--the issue is always the revolution--that is the destruction of the unique culture of the United States. These revolutionaries are complete racists, and they hate the idea that the United States is not a nation of "blood and soil", rather Americans are united by an idea.

Grouchoman said...

Where is the Mexican government's economic and social plan to stop the flow of illegals and drugs?

If they cared about their own people and stopped "acting" like a third world country, then the average mexican would not have to leave. Canadians don't run over the border because they have jobs and health care etc. Mexico is run by a corrupt, monied elite that is intent upon keeping people economically disadvantaged. It is Pinochet's Chile with less attitude.

Mexico's economic situation is better than most perceive it to be...they have benefited greatly from NAFTA and are not putting the money back into their people or their drug and border problems.

Arizona is foolish to play the mexican card; while it may bring some attention to immigration issues, it does nothing to solve the true do we make Mexico grow up and act like a neighbor instead of playing the part of the downtrodden guy who sleeps in the park? Only through economic incentives and stronger trade agreements, not through "tea" induced laws and building walls.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

In reference to: " . . .how do we make Mexico grow up and act like a neighbor instead of playing the part of the downtrodden guy who sleeps in the park?"

I don't think that is OUR job.
Further, Mexico has a much stronger border policy than we do, and especially polices its southern border carefully. Sure--their rhetoric is that the US is too tough on its own southern border, but since when did they determine our internal policy on immigration?

Close the border. Police the border. And then put in sensible immigration policies that will welcome those who want to come here for a better life in reasonable numbers, but keep the criminals out.

Anonymous said...

You lost it in a war, amigos. To the victor go the spoils.