Thursday, May 27, 2010

Possible Sestak Bribe Is An Impeachable Offense

And the hits keep on coming.... but where is the Congressional investigation?

So far, the Justice Department has rejected a request from Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-CA), for a special counsel to investigate and reveal the truth of the controversy.

The controversy revolves around a statement made by Rep. Sestak, D-Pa., that he had been offered a job by the Obama administration in exchange for dropping out of the senatorial primary against Obama supporter Sen. Arlen Specter. Of course Sestak won the primary against Specter in PA.

So here's the thing... if Sestak was in fact offered this bribe... that is a felony and an impeachable offense.

It sure is obvious that White House Spokesman Gibbs doesn't want to talk about it. (How does this man NOT have a nervous breakdown? Better yet, how does he look at himself in a mirror?)

One report states
If Joe Sestak, a Democratic member of Congress, is to be believed, there's someone in the Obama administration who has committed a crime – and if the president knew about it, analysts say it could be grounds for impeachment.

"This scandal could be enormous," said Dick Morris, a former White House adviser to President Bill Clinton...

"Obviously, the offer of a significant job in the White House could not be made unless it was by Rahm Emanuel or cleared with Rahm Emanuel," he said. If the job offer was high enough that it also had Obama's apppoval, "that is a high crime and misdemeanor."

Section 18 USC 600 says that a federal official cannot promise employment, a job in the federal government, in return for a political act.
Section 18 USC 211 says you cannot accept anything of value in return for hiring somebody.
Section 18 USC 595, which prohibits a federal official from interfering with the nomination or election for office.

Rep. Issa is not dropping this and he thinks there is a cover up:

So much for Hope and Change - it's more Chicago thug style politics in our White House.

The American people want the truth.
Was Sestak offered a job? He says he was.
Who offered it? and why aren't they in jail?

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Libertarian Advocate said...

Judy: On a straight reading of the constitution the terms "High Crimes and Midemeanors" would tell the rerader, that yes, a felonious act would qualify as an impeachable offense.

The sad fact is that it is the House of Representatives alone, not the United States Code, that would define the meaning of "High Crimes and Midemeanors."

Accordingly I can see no reason at all to expect any action at all on impeachment proceedings until January 2011 at the earliest.