Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The BP Story Thickens

"Is there really evidence here to support claims of a sinister conspiracy? Financiers Goldman Sachs not only fortuitously dumped millions of its shares in the British oil company, but has strong financial links to the chemical clean up firm tackling the disaster. Moreover, the Wall Street giant's new chairman was boss of BP only three months before."

You must read this article.

The dots are even more connectable.

Even more fortuitous for Goldman Sachs is that the crisis may be a boon for its business in more ways than one. Jo Anne Mor, of Blogster has compiled a swathe of documents she claims proves that Chicago-based NALCO, the environmental clean up company contracted to help deal with the crisis, is not only part-owned by Goldman Sachs but has other prominent links, too.

Its parent company, UChicago Argonne, received $164 million dollars in federal stimulus funds this past year. Mor claims that, “NALCO is also associated with Warren Buffett, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, Soros, Apollo, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, Hathaway Berkshire.”

and remember all the Growth Energy ethanol commercials that you are beginning to see?

It's no coincidence.

Growth Energy is a lobbying group for the ethanol industry.

Ethanol is produced from the sugars contained in corn and other crops, and is used as an additive to displace petroleum-based gasoline fuels. It is cheaper per gallon than pure gasoline, but gets 30-40% lower mileage. Growth Energy seeks to counteract the idea that massive ethanol production will cause a shortage of corn available for food, and that massive production of crops for ethanol will destroy habitat. Some scientists also report that ethanol production is bad for the climate, as natural growth is increasingly destroyed to produce crops to produce ethanol.

In April, 2010, Growth Energy began running a $2.5 million, 6-month television ad campaign aimed at improving the image of ethanol by linking it to patriotism, energy independence and economic growth. Growth Energy seeks to increase the market for ethanol and claims on its Web site that it is carrying out "a proactive grassroots campaign" to expand the use of ethanol in the United States. The group's co-chairman is retired general Wesley Clark.

Read this article about Goldman Sachs and their Ethanol connection.
And remember, BP helped to write the Cap and Trade Legislation.
George Soros is to gain from a drilling moratorium.

There's this and so much more.

Of course ethanol may not be the answer either.

Now Obama halts the protective dredging operation in the Gulf.

You see, the longer Obama and his cohorts can make this disaster last, the better. It is plain to see with all of the events and incestuous relationships going on here that this was really no accident. This was carefully done to further Obama's (and BP's) Cap and Trade agenda which will kill certain industry jobs, raise energy costs, and allow for further government control of the industry (among other things). It fits in perfectly with the Chicago "Modus Operandi" (MO) as well as the Obama Administration Motto "Never let a good crisis go to waste".