Friday, June 18, 2010

Brainwashing 101 - Obama Style

Positive messages are fine but....

There is nothing like brainwashing the inner city young with "Obama chants". I hear that this was in the City of New Haven, CT. at Lincoln Bassett Middle School, and that the man leading the chant is a member of the New Haven Black Muslims AKA the Radical Black Liberation Theology.

Ok, so a few things here:

1) These kids are being taught to be followers - not leaders. They are being treated like sheep. They are being taught to parrot back what they hear.

I will (I will) mindlessly repeat (mindlessly repeat) what I am told to say (what I am told to say.....)

This is not inspiring in the least.

2) These kids are being taught that they need someone else, like Obama, to achieve their dreams. They should be learning independence and self reliance. If they work hard and study - they can be anything they aspire to be without being an "Obama Scholar". They can be their own scholar.

Honestly, these young men deserve better than this chanting garbage.

Dr. Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave.

The interesting thing is that it is obvious that these kids aren't even taking this too seriously. Look at the body language and their facial expressions and you will see that they are not honestly buying this guy's act. He's just another preacher to them. Some of the students even look a bit uncomfortable. It's also pretty possible that they were given something in return for attending this little session, because most look like they really aren't interested in being there at all.

And what is this religious guy doing preaching to these kids in school to begin with?
Can you imagine the outrage if a Rabbi or Priest was brought to a school of white kids with an "motivational chant" for the kids to be a "Moses" or "Jesus" scholar?

What these kids really need is time to study and learn instead of wasting time parroting chants in public school.