Sunday, June 13, 2010

Freedom Watch - Tea Party Summit

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The attempt to bring together factions within the Conservative and Liberty movement is quite interesting, but one thing is for sure is that the people are generally being educated and they ARE waking up. There are many people that will fight against any co-option of the Liberty movement by the Neo-Conservatives in the GOP. They will expose the GOP liars and posers, even if it means losing elections with split votes.

We don't want the John McCain's, the Charlie Christ's, the Rudy Giuliani's and the Bill Kristol's of the GOP - it is really time for change. There is some proof to that: After Glenn Beck trashed Debra Medina and came out for Rick Perry of Texas, he lost about a third of his audience. Mind you, the "Liberty loving" Beck was backing the very same guy who wanted forced vaccination of school girls with Gardisil and who backs the creation of superhighways for the North American Union through Texas (Trans-Texas Corridor) and who can't seem to follow through with what he says. While Beck has done much to bring certain issues to the masses with regard to the Liberty movement, many have also come to have a certain distrust of him as well. And we all know Fox News can be just as manipulative and biased as MSNBC.

But I digress, the issue here is that the establishment GOP has got to change on some issues or they WILL lose votes that will be siphoned off to third parties who are more committed to the Restoration of the Republic, State's Rights, Constitutional Rights, fiscal sanity and in general, smaller government. The bottom-line here is that people are fed up with both major parties, as well as the blatant corruption in Congress and utter disregard for the Constitution. They are searching for candidates who are not career politicians, and who exhibit some ethics. The Liberty movement is producing some, and they will not tolerate the establishment party machine's disregard for those candidates. We have already seen this being played out in some races across the country.

I will also say that after the election and subsequent votes by Sen. Scott Brown (R) in Massachusetts, Tea Partiers are going to be much more careful of who they support. The clear Liberty candidate in that race was Joe Kennedy (no relation to Ted Kennedy), but we know who the establishment GOP wanted. Then again, a GOP win for that seat (even if it was a RINO) was still a miracle.

Tea Party Summit?
In the end, the Liberty movement may very well say to the GOP, "Join or Die".

People are seeing that Socialist policies from the Left are just as bad as Fascist and intrusive policies from the Right.

Both represent tyranny.