Monday, June 21, 2010

Judge Napolitano - On The Oil Spill

Part 2

Part 3

Did you know BP representatives helped to write the Cap and Trade Bill?
Did you know BP CEO sold 1/3 of his BP holdings weeks before the BP "accident"?
Did you know Goldman Sachs sold 47% of its BP holdings weeks before the BP "accident"?
Did you know that BP has hired Goldman Sachs as one of its advisors?
Funny that, Rahm Emanuel has ties to Goldman Sachs.
Sounds like an incestuous relationship all around.

Why is help for clean-up being turned away by the Obama administration
(For heaven's sake Mr. Obama, waive the Jones Act)
(another story here by Business Insider)

Why are clean-up efforts being staged?
Volunteers are being turned away for "lack of training".

It sure looks like they don't want this cleaned up too soon.
It really appears like they WANT this environmental disaster to continue so they can pass Cap and Trade and demonize the energy industry, so that government can eventually control it.
They want people to be angry with companies like BP.

and The HuffPo says Halliburton is also involved.

The thing is... BP and the Obama administration have been working together on this.
But not in the way you might think.
Both should be held accountable... VERY accountable.