Thursday, July 15, 2010

CT Senate Race: In Again Out Again Rob Simmons

In again - out again.
Running - not running.
Simmons has already created a huge lack of credibility with such indecisiveness.
That's not good.

Rob Simmons, please do not be another addicted politician who needs an intervention.
Rob, you had your time in Congress.
We respect your military service and your past service to this country, but you honestly need to move on. Do something to help rebuild the party to be one which truly stands for smaller government, and fiscal prudence. Do something to help those who will really bring about change to restore the Republic and protect our rights and freedoms; the rights and freedoms that you personally fought for.

Rob Simmons says that he owes his supporters.
Rob Simmons has a million in the bank.
He should give that back to his supporters, or donate it to a Military PAC.

Rob Simmons says he is trying to decide what is right and decent to do.
Rob Simmons should endorse a real Conservative, like Peter Schiff.

We need to take this country back and away from this "wealth redistribution" path of destruction.

Simmons considered himself a "tea partier" - he even brought tea bags and copies of the Constitution to his speaking engagements.

If Simmons was sincere in the things he said at those gatherings, then Simmons should support the tea party candidate, Peter Schiff.