Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Four Senate Candidates Debate While Two Thumb Their Nose At The Voters

Rob Simmons, Peter Schiff, John Mertens and Warren Mosler came together on Tuesday evening for a debate hosted at Trinity College by the Federation of CT Taxpayers Organizations. Both Richard Blumenthal, the endorsed CT-Democrat, and Linda McMahon, the CT-GOP endorsed candidate, decided to skip the event.

Peter Schiff said, "It's unfortunate that...Linda McMahon apparently did not think enough of Connecticut taxpayers to show up''.

"Two candidates are missing,I find it very disappointing that they (meaning Linda McMahon and Dick Blumenthal) chose not to be here tonight. Engaging in these types of debates and discussions of issues that effect the people of the state of Connecticut and this nation are part of the political process and that process should be respected by all candidates", said Rob Simmons.

Peter Schiff and Rob Simmons summed it up pretty well.
And I believe it's a foreshadowing of more Washington type arrogance on the part of McMahon and Blumenthal. Are they so far up in the polls that they don't need to debate their views against others as the public looks on? At this point, a debate might just be a liability to them. One bad answer could tank their poll numbers. They must be careful what they say - can't let the voters be too informed you know.

It would have been very interesting to see and hear how McMahon and Blumenthal would have answered the questions put forth by Chris Powell, editor of the Journal Inquirer. (Chris did a splendid job!)

There were questions compiled by The Federalist Society, Yankee Institute and CBIA.
Everything from the economy and how they would fix it, to the failure of the war on poverty and the war on drugs, to gay marriage and illegal immigration was discussed.
CT-N video taped it so it should be available on their website for viewing.

My guess is that the two poorest debaters declined their invitations because they
A) Have no real plans or solutions, and could not have answered the questions adequately.
B) Are just relying on their money to blast sound bytes to the public through ads and mailings.
C) Really don't give a damn about giving the voters more information, about them and what they really think, in order to make an informed decision. (impromptu speaking and debate is much different then canned pre-scripted stump speeches)
D) Were too chicken to face their opponents. The term "gutless" comes to mind.

It was very interesting to hear what Mertens and Mosler had to say since they have gotten zero press all together.
It's sad to see how the media skews these elections by not allowing the public more access and information on ALL candidates running.
The media picks their favorites and that's all you hear about.
Biased journalism masquerades as news that is meant to inform.

It definitely was a worthwhile debate.
I hope you will catch it on CT-N.

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