Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grass Roots Triple Play For CT

Senate candidate Peter Schiff, District 5 Rep candidate Mark Greenberg and District 4 Rep. candidate Rick Torres, met at the newly opened Greenberg Campaign Headquarters for the purpose of cross-endorsement. All three successfully petitioned their way onto the ballot for the August 10 Primary Election, and all three are endorsed by Connecticut's Independence Caucus, and other grassroots organizations.

Registered Republicans in Connecticut have several choices in District 4, District 5 and for the Senate on August 10th. These three men offer a clear choice for voters who are tired of the same old politics as usual and who really want change in Washington.

They know the issues.
They have solutions.
They are NOT career politicians.

Send these guys, and other Liberty candidates, to Washington and the House and Senate will NEVER be the same!