Monday, July 19, 2010

Linda McMahon Hiding From Debating Peter Schiff

On July 15, 2010 Peter Schiff put out this memo:

Schiff Challenges McMahon to Get in the Ring and Debate

McMahon repeatedly refuses to debate Schiff on the issues

HARTFORD, CT – Peter Schiff, Republican senatorial candidate in Connecticut, today released the following statement regarding McMahon’s refusal to debate:

“Connecticut Republicans deserve a lively, informative debate between their two candidates for the U.S. Senate, but Linda McMahon refuses to get in the ring and debate! Time after time, she shies away from the chance to put her ideas up against mine. Time after time, she denies Connecticut voters the opportunity to hear all sides of this debate.

“If McMahon’s refusal to debate is any indication of what she would be like in Washington, she significantly lacks the necessary characteristics to be Connecticut’s senator. The Nutmeg State can’t afford a senator who sits quietly in the corner. By putting my name on the ballot, Connecticut voters have opted instead for an individual who is confident in his convictions and prepared to stand up for what is right for Connecticut.”

The President of the Federation of CT Taxpayers Organizations, Susan Kniep, has been trying to arrange a debate at Trinity College and has not even the courtesy of a reply from the McMahon campaign regarding a tentative debate. This was an additional letter that was sent by Ms. Kniep to the McMahon campaign:

I am very disappointed that you have not responded to my emails or telephone calls regarding the Debate which the Federation has scheduled. Because the July 13 date was not convenient for Linda McMahon, we rescheduled the debate to July 27. I had also invited her campaign staff to suggest another date, if the July 27 date was not convenient.

Peter Schiff has agreed to debate. We have reserved the Washington Room at Trinity College and this week I met with the people responsible for setting up the room, etc. The Yankee Institute, the Federalist Society, and CBIA have confirmed that they will submit questions.

I am making one last attempt to secure a response from you. If Linda McMahon does not wish to participate in a debate that of course is her choice, but I would have at least appreciated the courtesy of a reply.

Susan Kniep

So why is McMahon afraid to face her opponent?
CT deserves a Senator that isn't afraid to debate the issues!

Why has her campaign been so silent about participating in a debate with Peter Schiff?

Perhaps McMahon knows that if she debates Peter Schiff that she will lose the debate, and subsequently lose the primary. She couldn't afford that after sinking $21 million into this campaign already. Schiff's popularity is growing daily as more people hear about him. CT voters are beginning to see McMahon's lack of substance, and lack of real knowledge on the issues. A recent Quinnipiac poll suggests that "Linda McMahon’s biggest problem with voters is that only 38 percent think she has the right kind of experience to be a U.S. Senator". A debate will only lend more proof to that. But that's just my opinion. Oh, and a debate would also mean that the media would not be able to continue to ignore the real grassroots candidate; Peter Schiff. Perhaps this is why the same Quinnipiac poll noted that 63 percent say they do not know enough about him to offer an opinion. Media blackouts tend to create that sort of result.

Note to Linda McMahon: CT voters want to see a debate between you and Peter Schiff... we don't want anymore of your slick mailers... we don't want to see your ads on Facebook ... we want to hear you debate the issues.

Stop Hiding and Bring it on!


Anonymous said...

Why would any clear front runner debate a non-factor like Peter Schiff?

If Schiff is as brilliant as his youtube commenters from Australia and the midwest keep telling me, then why does he need the debate? He's clearly going to magically endear himself to the thousands of CT (R)'s that he's been thumbing his nose at and ignoring for months now.

Judy Aron said...

Schiff doesn't need the debate - THE PEOPLE DO!

I wouldn't say Schiff was a non-factor... nor is Simmons. No candidate is a non-factor.

You are clearly another misinformed voter.

This is why we continually get the same morons elected to office, because people only get sound bites from the media and glance at slick produced mailers.

God forbid we have a debate and actually SEE and HEAR what people seeking our vote are really all about.

Pity for you - you might as well live in a dictatorship where they tell you who to vote for instead of you making up your own mind based on candidate's true ability, knowledge of the issues and facts.

John Mertens said...

The debate is still on, and all U.S. Senate candidates have been invited. I will be there. See below:

FYI, I am on the ballot in November as an independent. Please take a look at my website. I present 30 detailed position statements:


Dr. John Mertens
Professor of Engineering, Trinity College
U.S. Senate Candidate
Nominee of the Connecticut for Lieberman Party