Friday, July 2, 2010

Michael Steele Defends Linda McMahon

RNC Chair, Michael Steele came to visit the CT GOP phone bank.

He defended Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon, and in the same breath said that the Tea Party movement is strong.

I have a news flash for Mr. Steele: The Tea Party in CT does NOT support Linda McMahon. The majority of those tea partiers in the news clip support the REAL Conservative - Peter Schiff.

The only true grassroots Tea Party Conservative candidate for US Senate in Connecticut is Peter Schiff. The CT Tea Party and CT Patriot Alliance, as well as many other Liberty grassroots organizations, have endorsed Peter Schiff for Senate.

Connecticut Grassroots Alliance
Connecticut Patriot Alliance
Right Principles
Independence Caucus
Hartford Tea Party
Greenwich-Stamford Tea Party
Stratford Tea Party
Connecticut Resistance
Dump Dodd

"We have to do something about it by sending good people to Washington who understand the problems and are willing to do what is necessary to solve them" - Peter Schiff

It is obvious that the CT GOP and the National GOP are only interested in McMahon's money. She is only interested in adding the job of Senator to her resume, so much so, that she will invest $50 Million of her own money to do so. It will be to her just like buying her yacht, "Sexy Bitch". Does she honestly care about preserving our rights and upholding the Constitution? Not likely.
And as for a candidate representing so-called Republican "family values"? Well, that's a real joke in and of itself.

Did I mention that we need someone who honestly cares about upholding our Constitution, preserving our rights, Restoring the Republic, and promoting a system of "sound money"?

If Mr. Steele was actually listening to the grassroots, he would know this, and he would completely understand what it is the grassroots are telling him. Instead, the RNC keeps pushing these phony Republicans, like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and Linda McMahon at us.

We will reject them.
I will tell you now, the tea party people will not support Linda McMahon.
They are tired of holding their noses and voting for the lesser of two evils.
We have had enough of that.

If the RNC doesn't start supporting true Conservative "Liberty candidates", and the people who will actually bring change to Washington, then the 2010 elections will be another meaningless exercise, because we will only be voting in more of what we have already seen and that is either Democrats, or Republicans who act like Democrats.