Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peter Schiff Money Bomb - TODAY!

Peter Schiff is one of the very rare candidates who understands economics, finance, the role of government, and the Constitution. Peter Schiff is honest enough to tell the truth to the voters rather than the lies and nonsense that they are used to hearing from people who are only seeking your vote to further their own career and agendas. He knows that what we have been given in return for our trust and votes in the past has been only more poverty, fewer rights, never-ending wars and an over reaching burdensome and intrusive government.

It's Time.

Please support Peter and let's get his message out in a very big way.

This is about doing what YOU can to help Restore the Republic and right the wrongs in Washington.

Freedom is not free - and the Constitution cannot defend itself - both need YOU to help send Schiff to Washington to really make a difference.

A few dollars is all it takes - that and your vote on November 10th.
Tell your friends and neighbors.

Let's DO IT!