Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Racists In The White House

The Obama administration gives a free pass to a Black Panther hoodlum who advocates killing white babies. That is o.k. with them. The US Attorney General, Eric Holder, dropped the case against the new Black Panthers who intimidated voters at the polls in 2008.

Do you not recognize that we have departed from even-handed justice and have entered into an era of heavy-handed Chicago-style thuggery? Now the Department of Justice is being used as a political tool and group-affiliation based selectivism.

This is really dangerous stuff.

Michelle Obama came to speak to the NAACP on the eve of their so-called "tea party condemnation". She wants them to "ramp up the intensity". She complained about the condition of blacks in America facing poverty, obesity, and being more prone to jail sentences and attending crumbling schools.

Whose fault is that Michelle?
Have we not enough programs which keep the black community dependent on and enslaved by government?
Have we not enough progressive politicians who want to give hand outs instead of allowing society and business to create real education and opportunity?
Have we not enough social programs which keep black families locked in a failed system of government run agencies?
Have we not created enough guilt and blame to place on everyone else except for the people who are responsible for their own condition?

I have news for Mrs. Obama... Successful members of society come in all colors and ethnicities. They are Black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Italian, etc., and come in all shapes and sizes. They don't get to be successful by waiting around for government to do stuff for them, or to give them stuff. They work hard and focus on their own goals. They overcome hardships, and getting educated is their prime directive. They will educate themselves if they have to. They have family and belief in a higher power as their help and inspiration. They take care of their kids and are nurturing, and they make sure to provide them with decent food, clothing and education. They don't need to be an "Obama Scholar", or have any kind of government intervention to tell them how to live their lives and how to care for their kids.

Who are the racists?
They are the ones who continually put race out there by playing the race card to further their own political agenda. They cannot counter their opposition with a credible defense - so they resort to calling them racists. They are the Jesse Jackson's and Louis Farrakan's who thrive on creating racial tension and class warfare. They make it easy to abdicate personal responsibility and substitute blame on someone else. Those are the racists, and they are very dangerous people.

Is this man a tea party racist
Or these people?

Make no mistake.
The real racists are the anti-American treasonous Communist Marxists in the White House who are scared to death that the tea party movement will take their power away from them. They are so scared, that they are resorting to this very dangerous tactic of race baiting.

Michelle Obama - and others in this administration are just pushing the envelope.
The powder keg is now in place, and the sparks are beginning to fall like rain.

~ The modern definition of 'racist' is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal. ~ Peter Brimelow

Tea Party people do not dislike Obama and his administration because of the color of anyone's skin... what they dislike is the Marxist (wealth redistribution) anti-American, anti-Constitutional policies that are being rammed through Washington either by Executive Order, Recess Appointments, or by Vote Buying in Congress that we are witnessing.

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