Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Signs Of Waste

From iamtheteaparty:
  • $300 – $10,000 each to erect!
  • Over 20 Million already spent on these signs!
  • Multiple signs for the same project!
  • Signs placed where there is NO actual projects!
  • “The logo is an emblem of commitment from President Obama to spend stimulus money wisely”!!!

Rep. Aaron Schock, (R-Ill.) is fighting the spending for these road signs, calling them a waste of money and propaganda.

And here is what some cable news shows are reporting....

This will be paid for by our children and grandchildren in the massive taxes they will have to pay to pay back this unbelievable record breaking "porkulus" spending.

Come November, outraged Americans who are sick and tired of this kind of wasteful spending, as well as a myriad of intrusive and unconstitutional legislation, will be putting up their own signs for certain members of Congress (and the Obama administration) to read: