Monday, August 9, 2010

CT Primaries Tuesday - Who's Running?

Below are all the August 10, 2010 primary candidates, both at the Federal and State level. Included are the websites for the candidates:

US Senator
Peter Schiff (R)
Rob Simmons (R)
Linda McMahon (R)

US House of Rep
District #1

Ann Brickley (R)
Mark Zydanowicz (R)

District #2
Daria Novak (R)
Doug Dubitsky (R)
Janet Peckinpaugh (R)

District #4
Rick Torres (R)
Rob Merkle (R)
Dan Debicella (R)

District #5
Mark Greenberg (R)
Justin Bernier (R)
Sam Caligiuri (R)

Tom Foley (R)
Michael Fedele (R)
Oz Griebel (R)
Ned Lamont (D)
Dan Malloy (D)

Lt. Governor
Lisa Wilson-Foley (R)
Mark Boughton (R)
Mary Messina Glassman (D)
Nancy Wyman (D)

Sec. of State
Gerry Garcia (D)
Denise Merrill (D)

Attorney General
Martha Dean (R)
Ross Garber (R)

Michael Jarjura (D)
Kevin Lembo (D)

Vote for Liberty and Constitutional Principles
Vote for Fiscal Responsibility
Vote for Honesty and Ethics
Vote for Transparent Government
Vote to Return Government to the Basics
Vote to Promote the Private Sector so we can Create Real Jobs
Vote to Get our State and Federal Government Back On Track
Vote for Lower Taxes
Vote for some new ideas and new faces.

Memo to Democrats:

- We can see November from our houses.
- Hope and Change was really Lies and More Lies with Massive Irresponsible Spending as an added bonus.
- Please stop calling yourself Progressives when what you really are, are Socialists. Just say it and admit it already - ok?
- Your irresponsible spending and taxing has ruined Connecticut and this country (and yes, so has Bush's - but he is history and admittedly Mr. Obama has made an even bigger mess)

Memo to Republicans:

- If you really want to win in November then stick to the issues and stop getting derailed by petty twaddle.
- Working with Democrats to find solutions is fine - but voting like Democrats for higher spending and taxes, more bailouts, more government rules and restrictions and the erosion of Constitutional rights and the destruction of our Republic ... well then - please just change your party and run as a Democrat. We don't need more legislators like John McCain, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins or Scott Brown.
- Real Conservatives should show some spine. We need more Joe Wilsons and Justice Roberts outing people as the liars they are. Speak your mind and speak the truth with confidence.

Memo to Both Parties:

- We want to know what you are going to do to lower our tax burden and fix things like eminent domain abuse, illegal immigration, out of control government spending (to name a few).
- We want to know what you intend to do to enforce the Rule of Law and preserve Constitutional Rights and Restore the Republic.
- We are not voting you into office for you to sell your votes and cater to special interests.
- We want to know how you will combat the Federal government's usurpation of States Rights and end Nanny State policies that make Americans dependent on government.
- Let's talk about the future and how to get out of the mess that the elite entitled ruling class in Washington has created.
- We want to know that you will listen to your constituents.
- We are tired of your fabricated crises which are used to gain more control and power.
- We are on to you all and we are watching.
- Strengthen national defense, Yes - but stop sending our men and women to be targets with absurd rules of engagement in wars that are costly and pointless.

Memo to Voters:

- For heavens sake - stop voting for people based on the letter they have next to their name! Look at their record. Look at their history. Listen to what they are saying. Find out who they are and what they really stand for. Stop acting like sheep. Stop listening to the sound byte trash on cable TV news and biased newspapers and get some honest facts to form your decisions. The answers are not with Keith Olbermann or Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow or Bill O'Reilly. Get some real answers from the people who are running in these campaigns - ALL of them.... even the ones being left out of news articles and debates - regarding issues that really affect you and your family, but don't just rely on their answers alone - take some time to read what they have written or said or done in the past.
- Local elections are just as important as national ones, if not more so.
- Vote for people you really believe in and not based on whether you think they can win or not. Don't let the biased media and trumped up polling make your decision for you.
- No vote is a thrown away or wasted vote.
- The lesser of two evils is still evil. Please stop voting for people you don't really believe in just to stop someone else from getting into office, because in the end you are still getting a candidate that sucks.
- Remember, we are going to be stuck with the people we put into office for a long time. Their actions WILL affect YOU and how you live YOUR life.
- Freedom is not free, and it is entirely up to all of us to be vigilant to protect our freedom for ourselves and our children.
- Vote for Liberty Candidates.

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato