Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CT Republican Primary Results

The results of the CT primary are here.

I am truly disappointed that Peter Schiff didn't win the nomination for Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate - but c'est la vie.
In my honest opinion, Schiff didn't lose - CT did.
Big time.
Other states would have died to have a candidate like Schiff.
But, we can thank the media for wholly ignoring him and not doing their duty to inform the electorate, as well as the CT State Republican Leadership who desire deep pockets over substance.

Schiff was a great candidate and would have made a great difference in the US Senate.
Now we are stuck with a choice between an elitist millionaire who has made her fortune peddling trash to kids, and a narcissistic elitist who believes he is entitled to a seat at the Senate table.

It'll be interesting to see how many millions are spent on this Senate seat, and to see what kind of mud will be flung at one another in the process.
And McMahon has pledged to forgo any Senate paycheck if elected.

Moving along....
I will be focusing on getting Larson removed from Congress and putting Martha Dean in the CT Attorney General's office. That's the primary focus now ....

It is high time we get rid of all these Socialist members of Congress.


Much good luck and congratulations to Sam Caligiuri, Dan Debicella, Jerry Labriola and Ann Brickley.
Go get'em.