Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The CT Rescue Team Is Here - FLIP THIS HOUSE!!!!

Here they are: Sam Calgiuri (Dist. 5), Dan DiBicella (Dist. 4), Ann Brickley (Dist. 1), Janet Peckinpaugh (Dist. 2), Jerry Labriola (Dist.3)


These CT Congressional candidates can be our state's contribution to cleaning up the "ginormous" mess that we have in Washington. We need them in Congress, and they need out help to get there! Let's work for their campaigns, donate time and money, get out the word and get out the vote!

We the people have had enough of the Progressive Democrat (Socialist) Agenda!

It is time for us to take a stand on Liberty, State's Rights and Free Markets, Smaller Government, Fiscal Sanity, Economic Growth, Adherence to the Rule of Law and Constitutional Principles.

As the Labriola campaign says: REPEAL. REDUCE. RECLAIM.
I couldn't agree more!
Let's Do It Connecticut!
It is time for REAL CHANGE !!!!!
(For those of you who live in other states - who is on YOUR Rescue Team?)

Chris Murphy (Dist. 5), Jim Himes (Dist. 4), Rosa DeLauro(Dist. 3),
Joe Courtney (Distr.2) , John Larson (Dist.1)


These people are raping this Country, trampling on our Constitution, destroying American Business and Industry, and providing for their own benefit and security while stealing from your hard earned paycheck (if you still have one). They are creating more dependency on government and they are spending more than we can possibly afford. They have put forth legislation that restricts your freedoms, increases the cost of living, and punishes success while rewarding failure and redistributing wealth. What they have done to this country with the help of others in Congress just like them, is criminal, unethical, and intolerable and they must be stopped!

Say "NO" To Socialism and Tyranny!

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ccdemuth said...

Jim Himes vs. Fairfield County

Jim Himes: For History’s Biggest Tax Hike Within Two Months of Election Day

Incumbent Democrat Congressman Jim Himes is for a tax hike that he claims will hit only “the rich”. Himes is part of the Democrat majority that will hike the top tax rate on wages by over 13% to 39.6%. He will hike the capital gains tax by a third, to 20%. Under Pelosi and Himes, the tax on dividends will more than double, to 39.6% from 15%. Meanwhile, Himes will also slash in half tax credits for children and kill relief from the marriage penalty.

Hardest Hit: Fairfield County

The hardest hit will be the 4.3 million households whose marginal tax rate will approach 40%. Himes wants to hit 12.5 million American tax payers with history’s largest tax hike in the middle of a job-killing recession. An average of 29,000 tax paying individuals and small businesses per congressional district will be hit hard by the Himes tax hikes. Who will be hit the hardest? It turns out that the district that will fare the worst will be the fourth district of Connecticut. Over 146,000 Fairfield County taxpayers, comprising over a fifth of the district’s population, are members of families that will be forced pay an additional $1.7 billion in taxes next year. That’s more than $39,000 per household.

Jim Himes’ Class Warfare: We All Will Lose

For some voters, Himes’ efforts to stick it to our most successful neighbors and employers may hold some appeal. However, Himes’ tax hikes will have some unintended consequences that the incumbent congressman may not have adequately considered. For example, the 146,000 taxpayers in Fairfield County whose taxes will rise the most are responsible for over 30% of consumer demand in the county. They are responsible for employing over 50% of small business employees. So it is important to remember that when Himes goes after 20% of taxpayers, he also is going after your customers and your employers.

Fight Back: November 2nd

Jim Himes is fighting hard in Washington, DC to redistribute your private property to his endless government programs. On November 2nd, it will be time for Fairfield County to fight back by retiring Himes.