Monday, August 16, 2010

More White House Deception

President goes for a swim in the Gulf – or does he?

You've probably already seen the picture of Barack Obama and his youngest daughter, Sasha, swimming in "the Gulf" in order to convince America that the Gulf of Mexico is safe and open for business.

It's reported
that when Obama and his daughter, Sasha, took a dip in the water this weekend, that only the official White House photographer was allowed to record this photo op.

The thing is this: the "official picture" was intended to prove that the Gulf region's beaches are back to normal, however details have surfaced which show that the pictures are deceiving. The private beach where the photo was taken is off Alligator Point in St. Andrew Bay (Watershed), in north-west Florida (Panama City Beach, Florida), which technically is NOT in the Gulf of Mexico. USA Today said this as well:
The Obamas swam in Saint Andrew Bay off of Alligator Point, technically not the Gulf, according to maps.

If he really wanted to prove a point, perhaps he would have done better swimming somewhere that the oil actually went.