Friday, August 20, 2010

One Huge Political Soap Opera

If we have to endure this kind of political garbage until November between the Narcissistic Attorney General and Wealthy Soap Opera Wrestling Queen I think I will just scream.

Against McMahon:

Against Blumenthal:

We all know that these two candidates are no pillars of moral behavior.
We all know they represent the political elites and have their own agendas.
We all know they will be spending millions of dollars flinging mud at one another and do other things in order to buy a Senate seat.
We know they are both insiders.
We know they both twist the truth and lie.
We know that they both care more about winning than about you or me.

Both are very disappointing candidates for a very important job.

It is already very nauseating.

From now till November does anyone think that the public will hear any discussion about the REAL issues that are affecting our lives and our country? Issues like economic recovery, illegal immigration, war, States rights, bailout spending, or how they would vote on treaty ratification like the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child? Will we hear anything about their vision for this country? or how they plan to right the wrongs done to us by Washington? What do we know of their understanding of the role and purpose of the federal government or their knowledge of the Constitution? Do they have a solid understanding of what is wrong with our economy and how to fix it? Do they plan to vote for this country or vote with their party or for special interests?

It's doubtful that we will hear any meaningful discussion.
We'll just be seeing more clips of Blumenthal lying and McMahon kicking men in the balls.

What a very sad state of affairs we have come to in this particular CT race.

No Substance.
No Vision.
No Change.

How very uninspiring.