Monday, August 2, 2010

Ross Garber - The Desperate Candidate

Ross Garber is "primarying" against Martha Dean for Attorney General.

Martha Dean is one of the most honest and unassuming people that I know.
She is a true Conservative, and a real patriot, and she has everything it takes to be a really terrific Attorney General for Connecticut. She has enormous support and has already won her party's nomination. She will bring real leadership and reason to the office of Attorney General and she will put that office back in order.
She is like a breath of fresh air in this corrupt and unethical political landscape.

Toss Garbage - I mean, Ross Garber - has just put out some very nasty and misleading mail hit pieces against Martha Dean in his desperation to garner Republican votes.

It's downright disgusting, but so very much like many of the dirty political tactics I have seen in past campaigns. When real conservatives run - watch out - some in the CT GOP establishment will do their best to torpedo it. Anyone remember Alan Schlesinger? They tossed him under the bus in order to come out to vote for Joe Lieberman; and Lieberman wasn't even a Republican!

Garber, a Rell/Rowland retread, wants people to believe that Martha Dean is advocating the use of drugs and promoting gun violence to children. That's a bunch of hogwash. Anyone with half a brain knows it too.

Garber takes words out of context, and distorts the truth for his own benefit.
I suppose he is used to doing that when he defends criminals and unethical politicians, but that is certainly NOT what we need as an Attorney General. Heaven knows we have had enough of that with Blumenthal.

Ok - so Garber defends corrupt politicians and other individuals for a living. Even corrupt people need someone to defend them in a court of law, but that does not give Garber the right to misrepresent his opponent's views on issues that don't even matter for the Attorney General's office. It doesn't give him the right to smear his opponent without even addressing the prime issues of the position. Does he talk about where he stands on eminent domain abuse? or dealing with unfair and oppressive over-reaching federal mandates? or how he will clean up and simplify the legal landscape in CT? Does he talk about how he will protect our Constitutional rights? No.

Martha Dean has great common sense plans and ideas.
Ross Garber has rhetoric and distortions.

There is one big thing Garber neglected to tell the recipients of his vicious mailings.

What he neglected to tell Republican voters is how he donated $1000 to Chris Dodd's campaign in 2007. Now, that would have raised many an eyebrow.

What he also failed to tell his fellow Republicans is that he has also been bankrolled by Democrats in this quest for AG. (Yes, it's all online at the SEEC website)

Stanley, Nancy, and Gail Bysiewicz alone gave $6,000.
So you say big deal - they are family.
I dunno - how much are they giving to Jepson's campaign?

Garber's donor list is riddled with supporters of Democrats as well as registered Democrats.

People who supported Bill Richardson, Chris Murphy and Hillary Clinton have put money into Garber's campaign. How interesting.

So let's recap.
He donates money to Democrats.
He is bankrolled by Democrats.
He defends unethical and criminal politicians and their staff.
He distorts the truth and misleads the public.

Sure - is that what we really need for an Attorney General running as a Republican?