Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Test The Sea Food!

Here is Part 2.

While Obama was making posed photos from an inland protected bay area in Florida's Panhandle, some folks were gathering to tell some real truths.

"Fishermen do not want to lose our credibility or deliver contaminated seafood to market and make people sick." - Kathy Birren

"While President Obama and state officials claim that the Gulf is 'open for business,' these fishermen say the spraying of dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico is ongoing and they're concerned that seafood pulled from impacted waters is unsafe for eating."

"The tissue testing of this seafood is inadequate and testing for the toxic dispersants is non-existent." - Tracy Kuhns, Louisiana Bayoukeeper

Enough of Obama and BP's lies... these courageous women ROCK for having the guts to stand in front of America and tell the world the truth.

Let's listen to them!