Monday, August 30, 2010

US Economy - What The Brits Are Broadcasting

27th Aug 2010 - BBC Newsnight.
Peter Schiff and Laura Tyson Discuss the sad state of the US economy.

Tyson honestly believes the stimulus has worked?

Millions continue to be unemployed.
Record foreclosures.
More businesses closing.
Record number of people on public assistance.
Record bank failures.
Record American debt.
Falling GDP.
Falling consumer confidence.

Egads... are these people blind?


Anonymous said...

But the stimulus has "touched" millions of lives. And don't forget how many unnamed and unaccounted for jobs were "saved". And of course don't forget this was all Bush's fault (not Barny and Chris) and eight years of Bush will take eight years of socialism, oops, I mean eight years of Democrats to fix it.

Judy Aron said...

yeah it has "touched" many lives all right and sure to touch millions more as we pass this ginormous debt burden onto our children and grandchildren.

As for the jobs saved... I can only think of the hundreds of thousands of small businesses that have since closed as a result of higher taxes and more government regulation.

The Republicrats - Bush Clinton Bush Obama dynasty - are to blame - and we could probably even go back to FDR for the Keynesian nightmare we will soon witness.