Thursday, August 26, 2010

What's YOUR Line In The Sand?

What will provoke you to use the Second Amendment to rebel against a government gone bad?

Will it be ............

1) - The closing of the banks and freezing your money?
2) - How about Martial law?
3) - Cutting Social Security and Medicare payments by 25-50%?
4) - Food shortages?
5) - Losing your home?
6) - Brutality by government agents against you and your family?
7) - Another tax increase?
8) - Fraudulent elections?
9) - You realize you have nothing to lose?
10) - U.N. small arms treaty becomes law in America
11) - Your religion is attacked by government.
12) - Government determines your home is to be shared with a homeless person(s)
13) - The IRS audits you due to political activism.
14) - Public schools instruct your children to report on your private life.
15) - Or ............ Tell us what your line in the sand is, and also how you might plan to respond?

Please take our latest survey anonymously and tell the world what your line in the sand is. When does the Second Amendment become your tool of choice for rebellion to bring back a Bill of Rights culture to America?

Think carefully and thoughtfully. This could be the most important question you have ever asked yourself. Your life may depend upon your answer. Please share your message for liberty that can be heard throughout every nook and cranny of America.
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