Friday, September 3, 2010

Black Conservative Confronts Al Sharpton's Followers

Black Conservatives leaving the "Restoring Honor" rally encounter Al Sharpton's protestors who were holding signs claiming "Tea Party Racism." This is just one of debates that was captured after the rally had ended.

The ravages of Progressivism will be exposed with the upcoming movie "Runaway Slave"

The Liberal/progressive agenda has made minorities slaves to the State - dictating how they live their lives and making them wholly dependent on government hand-outs. Medicaid programs have made their children guinea pigs for the drug industry and have allowed their schooling to be substandard, making them prisoners in bad schools.

Statism = Slavery.
That Black Conservative woman has the courage to tell it.

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musemater said...

Judy, I couldn't agree with you more, yet there is more to the Tea Party Aug. 28, 2010 rally than these true patriots expressing our conservative values. I've posted on my blog my thoughts, if you'd care to read, in post titled, "Beck Love-In to Water Down Tea Party". Also the embeded James David Manning video below that post is by a wonderful black pastor from Harlem who understands the extreme dangers of both liberals/progressives like Obama and false conservatives who would steer the country back into a slower decline while assuring us of their good intentions. Being ever vigilant is the only way we'll ever be free. No rest, so we'd better stay strong, healthy, and informed.
Thank you for your blogging, I enjoy it a lot.