Thursday, September 30, 2010

Has The American Brain Drain Begun?

College students and graduates are tired of waiting tables after taking classes and getting their degree (and the huge loan payments along with it)- they need work. It looks like they are starting to look abroad for opportunity.

This country cannot afford to lose the brightest minds from MIT and other Ivy League schools.

This is exactly what people like Peter Schiff have been saying... the youth are not going to stick around and pay huge taxes and have little opportunity here in America. They will be the first to leave.

Our youth are beginning to go to places like India and Hong Kong and Singapore and Australia, to work and to live... perhaps to stay.

How sad for us here in America.


Ernest said...

That's a fool's gambit though.

Take for example the company featured in the news article ... Infosys.

India is where they are housing their support, design, and development because it's cheaper.

India is NOT where they are making the most money selling their products. That would still be America. Yes, we're paying for their products with bogus money built on debt and fiat currency, but that's where the money in India is as well.

I think when the American economy collapses, and collapse is growing near, then those who packed up and went to India are going to find themselves in a foreign country with no job. They're going to be as welcome there in the impending Indian economic collapse (which will shortly follow ours) as an illegal alien here would be after all the tomatoes have been picked.

It's sad for us that there is so much more opportunity elsewhere, and I don't doubt that there is right now. However after the coming crash I'd much rather be near people who speak my language and have (roughly) the same cultural values.

Judy Aron said...

I totally agree with your assessment Ernest... and what I think is sad is that already our youth are looking outside of our borders for what one might call meaningful employment.

Businesses are also looking outside of our borders for opportunity.

Our policies are chasing people out and we are fast losing (if we haven't already lost) the moniker of "Land of Opportunity" - that is what I had hoped this post would have conveyed.