Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let's Drain The Swamp

There are others below the waterline that need draining too!

“It’s hard when you’re up to your armpits in alligators to remember you came here to drain the swamp.” - Ronald Reagan


The Connecticut Grassroots Alliance will lead a rally on the north steps of the Capitol on Saturday, October 2nd at noon. The theme of the rally is “Drain The Swamp.”

The focus is to spotlight actions of Federal and State legislators that have driven both the Federal and CT State governments to the doorstep of bankruptcy. Connecticut’s five congressional representatives have voted in lock-step with a big-government national leadership that has repeatedly demonstrated it is governing against the will of the American people. In our statehouse we face an army of legislators who are simply incapable of self control.

This is indeed a swamp of incumbents who have proven themselves disconnected from the realities of even simple mathematics. The culture of legislating to serve the special interests of those who finance their campaigns, rather than the citizens of their districts must be brought to an end.

We will highlight the spending records of both Federal and State incumbents and remind voters that they have a choice on Nov. 2nd to turn out of office all those who are culpable for our current dire state of affairs.

The program will include some patriotic ceremony, candidates, music, and some humor.

The event will be key-noted by Martha Dean - candidate for CT Attorney General

We have invited both congressional and state candidates who are committed to pushing back on the big government agenda, eliminating and reforming ineffective and burdensome programs, cutting taxes, legislating only within the Constitution, supporting free-market solutions, and representing the interests of individual citizens. These are the candidates many of our groups are working to elect, to reverse several generations of the growth of government at all levels. Many are citizen candidates who have stood up and entered the arena to change the culture of both Hartford and Washington, and bring some sorely needed common sense and constitutional principles to those respective legislative bodies.

We anticipate this to be a rousing event to build electoral energy in our state as we ring the bell with one month to go to a fateful election that promises to be most critical to the survival of our cherished Republic.

Join us at noon Saturday to demonstrate to Connecticut that the sleeping giant has indeed arisen here and is prepared to get the job done.

The Connecticut Grassroots Alliance includes some 28 groups that champion individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and adherence to our federal and state constitutions.

For more information contact
Bob MacGuffie, bobmac(at)rightprinciples(dot)com or
Deborah Stevenson, dgs31(at)yahoo(dot)com


If you want to join the 5th District Caravan to the Drain the Swamp Rally in Hartford Oct 2nd at 12 noon, please reply to Bob MacGuffie with your name, what you are driving (car, bike or truck), and ask about the locations where you can join the caravan.