Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brickley Debates Larson, Krayeske And Hutchinson

(L to R) Brickley, Hutchinson, Krayeske, Larson

To see the debate you can watch it online at WHC-TV.

Well, it all started with a rousing shouting match between union thugs and Brickley supporters outside of West Hartford Town Hall Monday evening. It's not clear how many union supporters were asked to come hold Larson signs, but they were rude and loud, and did I mention that they were rude? There was not one American flag flown among their ranks either.

Ann Brickley supporters stood by the curbside holding signs, as did Larson supporters.

The Green Party people, all 10 of them, arrived on bicycle with a homemade sign written in Green paint/marker proclaiming support for Ken Krayeske.

Once Congressman John Larson arrived, Tea Partiers greeted him with a richly deserved chorus of "Dump Larson".

The League of Women Voters sponsored the event and former Mayor of West Hartford, Nan Streeter just couldn't help calling John Larson "Senator Larson".

The audience in the Town Hall auditorium got to hear from Republican Ann Brickley, Socialist Chris Hutchinson, Green Party Ken Krayeske, and Democrat John Larson (the 4th ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives). They spoke on issues ranging from healthcare to Iran to Stimulus and Taxes and more. Each had a cumulative 5 minute answer time, which John Larson chewed up his time early on with his endless cliches and dramatic pontification. He had barely 30 seconds with which to answer the last 3 questions posed to him. It was clear that he mismanaged his time just as he has mismanaged our money in Washington.

The debate was interesting as John Larson seemed a bit rattled - as if he did not want to come off sounding too much like the Leftists sitting to his right - although at times he did. He certainly did not like the Leftists attack on his Progressive record.

I really appreciated the fact that the Socialist and the Green (which is also Socialist) presented their views on the issues. It just reinforced how close Progressives like John Larson are to these radical and unsuccessful ideologies. John Larson just likes to support a little more war than they do, because he has a defense industry and its unions to protect here in CT. John Larson likes to talk a lot about ending the wars, and yet he also talks about how many fighter jets we should be producing to keep jobs in Connecticut. Sounds a bit schizophrenic on some levels.

The Socialist, Chris Hutchinson, thinks that most people should give 100% of their income to the government to redistribute to the poor. Someone ought to tell him that slavery was abolished by the 13th amendment on Dec. 6, 1865. It is also interesting to ponder why anyone would work if they had to give their earnings fully to the government at all. I mean why bother? You might as well say "screw it" and just live off everyone else.. and that is the real rub with Socialism... eventually you run out of rich people to suck off of and nothing gets produced.. except by force. Not cool at all.

The Green, Ken Krayeske, did a great job of lambasting John Larson for not being enough anti-war, not raising the tax rates more, not spending more on the poor and downtrodden, and not punishing business enough. I think he won over some Larson supporters, which is a good thing. Thanks Ken! I hope you siphon off lots of Larson votes!

Did you know that Hutchinson and Krayeske are teachers? (and Krayeske is getting a license to practice law) How disturbing to think these people are actually teaching your kids all this Socialist nonsense. But I digress.

At one point Ken Krayeske was busy chastising the audience for what he decided was "uncivil behavior" (like clapping or making face gestures), yet he was just as uncivil when he proclaimed that master gardener Ann Brickley had her hands in the garden and her head in the sand when it came to the issue regarding Human Created Global Warming (a theory which has been debunked by climate scientists). His comment elicited a negative response from the audience so he quickly apologized. That was decent of him. But whatever; he did a good job of pointing out what a hypocrite and ineffective Congressman Larson has been, although he apologized for sounding like he supported the tea party position in that respect. That was amusing.

The entertainment of the evening was Larson's dramatics complete with table pounding and loudly emphasizing how proud he was voting along with Nancy Pelosi 99% of the time in Congress. Honestly, as he spoke of "little Emily getting healthcare" and personally naming various union members in the audience with little story vignettes, and how he has helped them with funding, I wondered if he would be presented with an Academy Award for his performance as Most Benevolent Washington Career Politician. He rattled on about how he had to rescue the country from the brink of disaster by supporting bailouts and TARP and enormous deficit spending. According to him there was nothing else to do and at least the Congress did SOMETHING! It didn't much matter to him if that SOMETHING was beneficial or not; well he actually believes they were beneficial, even as it has been proven to have been detrimental to business, has created uncertainty, and has left people unemployed, foreclosed upon and dependent on government. He still vigorously defends his votes as being necessary. He believes government can and should solve everyone's problems.

Yes, Congressman Larson - we are all so thankful that you filled the pockets of Wall Street bankers, saved union jobs and nationalized the auto, and school loan industry. We are all so thankful that you passed Obamacare which now has caused premiums to skyrocket, and coverages to be pulled from the market. We just cannot wait for our taxes to go up on January 1, 2011. Well, John Larson thinks this is all positive stuff. He said several times how proud he is of his record. John was so busy using tired old campaign rhetoric and the same old Washington Beltway cliches, that it was almost kind of comical.

The star of the evening was clearly businesswoman Ann Brickley. She was the only candidate of the four on stage that had sensible economically sound ideas. But that is typical of an engineer who specializes in making businesses run efficiently. She was clear and to the point in her remarks.

Unlike John Larson, Ann Brickley does not think the country is heading in the right direction.

With regard to stimulus spending Brickley opposes it. Larson voted yes on it. The Socialist and Green want even more of it! Brickley said stimulus spending was supposed to create 41,000 jobs in Connecticut, but instead, only 7,000 jobs were "created or saved" (at a cost of $350,000/job!) Larson defended this saying that more jobs were created and Congress had to do SOMETHING! Brickley said we should be stimulating business growth with sensible pro-growth tax policies, eliminating unnecessary regulations and limiting government spending to what we can afford.

What about Obamacare? Brickley opposes it and would work to repeal it and replace it with real healthcare reform, that gives patients more control over their health care, addresses tort reform, and ensures the quality of care for seniors on Medicare. Larson voted yes on Obamacare, and helped ram this mother of all sausages, complete with back door deals, through the House of Representatives. He's proud of that. The Socialist and the Green want a total single payer system...funded how? Oh right, by much higher taxes! (as if business and individuals are not paying enough)

Higher Taxes? Brickley opposes. Larson supports higher taxes along with the Socialist and Green Party guys - who want tax brackets from 60-100%. Brickley says let’s stop tax hikes, including the largest tax increase in American history, scheduled to go into effect in January 2011. This tax increase will cost the average middle-income family in Connecticut District 1 more than $1700/year.

Cap and Trade? Brickley opposes. Larson supports higher energy costs. Brickley correctly says Cap and Trade will increase utility costs, which will be passed on to we consumers, and will be the final straw for our Connecticut businesses. She supports increased use of natural gas. She believes we ought to protect the environment, but let’s do it sensibly and in a fiscally responsible way. The Socialist wants to nationalize everything and the Green Guy just thinks energy companies are evil. He wants everyone to ride bicycles.

As for national defense, Brickley wants to strengthen our defense and take care of our troops and our veterans. Larson wants to end the war, but keep building air force fighter jets that we don't need. The Anti-Israeli Socialist wants to disarm this nation totally and open us up to attack by other countries, and the Green is just against war and wants to bring all the troops home.

It was clear that Brickley won this debate. It was also clear that Brickley will stand up for taxpayers and fight for common sense solutions which: encourage free enterprise to create jobs; stop runaway government spending and restore fiscal discipline; reduce the size of government, bureaucratic red tape and regulations that do not add value; support tort reform to lower healthcare and business costs; secure our borders and support peace through strength.

Well, I suppose one thing is good - at least we didn't have a complete freak show like in the New York Gubernatorial debate...