Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dan Malloy - More Taxes, More Debt

Dan Malloy would be disastrous for this state which is already plagued by high taxes, corruption and disregard for ethical behavior.

Consider that a Democrat Governor and a Democrat Legislature would mean runaway spending - more taxes - and more liberal legislation (when they are not playing solitaire). And YOU will be paying for it all.

Plus, Dan Malloy is against the death penalty and will sign into law any bill abolishing it, which means the Petit family murderers will get a nice life in prison with food and shelter paid for with OUR tax dollars. Meanwhile 3 beautiful young women were brutally raped, strangled and burned to death. Where is the justice in that?

I'll be voting for Tom Foley
- who by the way - is also a staunch supporter of our second amendment rights.