Friday, October 22, 2010

Meet Martha Dean

We need to elect Martha Dean for Attorney General.

Forget the lies and the scare tactics of the Jepsen campaign. Jepsen can't even articulate to the public anything positive about his plans for the AG's office because he has nothing new to offer, just the same old, same old business as usual.

Jepsen offers more of the career politician good ole' party boys mentality and will use the office to further entrench partisan politics into the system feathering him and his friends' own nests and padding their resumes along the way. They aren't interested in protecting the public from the loss of property rights - like Susette Kelo who lost her home with many others in New London. They aren't interested in protecting the usurpation of our States rights to an ever encroaching Federal Government and its mandates. They aren't interested in clearing out the court dockets of thousands of the current AG's idiotic lawsuits which prevent real justice from being meted out in a speedy manner; case in point the Petit family that had to wait 3 years for the murderers to face a jury!

Jepsen and his cronies will continue Blumenthal's ineffective and costly legacy.

Jepsen as Attorney General is what we really ought to be afraid of.

He is NOT what CT needs.

Martha Dean is passionate and she understands the Constitution and the importance of preserving our rights; All of them!

She understands that we cannot continue to chase business out of our state.
She understands how to infuse ethics and honesty back into the AG's office.

And another thing:

The Attorney General has nothing to do with setting curriculum in CT schools, yet Dean's statements regarding firearms education are intentionally being misused and misrepresented by the Jepsen campaign to scare the public into thinking that Martha Dean wants to give every school child a gun. That's ridiculous! And what Martha Dean was referring to was the Eddie Eagle gun safety program, which would not be a bad idea to add to any school curriculum given the opportunity. We cannot have an AG that stoops so low and distorts the facts, and out and out lies. Haven't we had enough of that coming from that office already?

The Jepsen campaign continues its ugly and unappealing attempts to vilify Martha Dean because she believes in supporting and protecting Liberty, Freedom and our Federal and State Constitutional Rights. They even call that Radical!

Martha Dean would be a breath of fresh air to the AG's office and she would bring back honesty, ethics and fiscal sanity to an office that is supposed to protect our Constitutional rights.

Martha Dean will even give up the keys to the Attorney General's private car.
Now that's "Radical"!