Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Setting The Record Straight On Dan Malloy's Lies

I am so tired of lying career politicians.
Dan Malloy seriously needs to lose this election for CT governor... for this and so many other reasons. Here's just a few:

1. Malloy is anti-second amendment.
2. Malloy is against the death penalty - so if it is up to him, the Petit family murderers will live comfortably in jail the rest of their lives, while we all pay for their food, shelter and medical care. Is that really justice for two young girls who were brutally raped and burned alive before they could even have the beautiful life they deserved? And what about their mom who was also terrorized, strangled and burned to death? I think not.
3. Malloy will grow state government and reward all his union friends.

We can't afford Dan Malloy. If we have a Democrat controlled legislature AND a Democrat in the Governor's office, then look out CT! It'll be tax and spend like you have never seen. One party rule on steroids.... (although we can hope they will all be too busy playing solitaire to work on the issues)

What is it with these Democrats anyway - Blumenthal lies about his military service, and Malloy lies about all sorts of things. How can Democrats in this state support these people?