Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wanted: CT Attorney General With 10 Years Litigator Experience

Susan Bysiewicz didn't have the qualifications to be CT Attorney General, which was decided by a court of law, and which promptly ended her quest for that office.

Could be George Jepsen doesn't have the qualifications either.

He's not a litigator and has stated so, and he is not admitted in the Court of Appeals for the second Circuit, nor is he admitted to the US Supreme Court, and was only admitted to the District Court in 2009.

Martha Dean, Jepsen's opponent for the CT AG's seat, has filed a complaint and a hearing has been set for this Thursday in CT Superior Court.

The complaint cites a ruling in the Bysiewicz v. DiNardo case:
"In order to hold the office of Attorney General, C.G.S. 3-124 requires "at least ten years active practice at the bar of this state." which means "a candidate must have ten years experience in litigating cases in court," and "the attorney general must have some measure of experience in trying cases." and "that the legislature wanted to ensure that the state officers and agencies - namely, admission to the bar - and the practical experience to litigate effectively." as explained by the Supreme Court in Bysiewicz v. Dinardo, S.C. 18612, in an opinion issued on Friday, October 22, 2010."

Newstimes reported:

Last week's opinion by the court states that an attorney general should have both "the legal status required to appear in court" and "practical experience to litigate effectively."

Dean states, "Not only has Jepsen admitted that he doesn't have a background in litigation, but that he is not admitted to argue cases before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit or the U.S. Supreme Court."

Of course Jepsen's campaign is calling this a "frivolous lawsuit"... but hey, the people deserve to know if this guy is really qualified to run for this office. The Democrats tried to put up an unqualified person before, so it looks like perhaps they think they can do it again.

One thing is certain - Martha Dean sure has the experience.

For sure there will be fireworks on Thursday in Superior Court.

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