Tuesday, November 9, 2010

6th Annual Homeschool Blog Awards - 2010

I am yet again honored and humbled to have "Consent of the Governed" be a nominee for the Homeschool Blog Awards in the category:
Best Current Events, Opinions or Politics Blog 2010.

Thank you to the person(s) who nominated "Consent of the Governed"!

The folks at HSBA do a magnificent job of running this awards site every year for the homeschool community, and I hope they know how much it is appreciated.

Please visit and vote for your favorites - and I hope Consent of the Governed is one of them!

Also - I have been a contributor to "Parent at the Helm" and that was nominated for Best New Homeschool Blog ( just sayin')

Thanks again HSBA !

There's no hanging chads and no mysterious bags of ballots laying around!

Now everyone - please check it out and vote!