Tuesday, November 16, 2010

American Spirit - 1, Political Correctness - 0

Last week there was an unfortunate yet significant incident between 13 year old Cody Alicea and the Denair Middle School in California.


This caused outrage in, as well as outside of, the community and resulted in an outpouring of support for Cody and the right to fly the American flag in an American town while going to an American school. Hundreds of Bikers and Onlookers came to escort Cody to school. It was a wonderful thing to see.

Watch and see:

Subsequently the school reversed it's decision.
That California school reversed its controversial decision to force a 13-year-old student to remove the American flag attached to his bike. The decision caused an uproar among parents from inside and outside the district, and the school has decided to reverse course.

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This is what happens when political correctness runs amok.. and what can happen when we stand up for our rights.

Don't Back Down.

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Eric Holcombe said...

""In no way did we want to take that right away from Cody," Parraz told Fox40 on Friday."

Yeah, well seeing as how what you actually did was forbid him from flying the flag, just how do you consider that not taking away the right? And since when is the American flag racist? Doesn't California teach about the melting pot any more? Or did that get replaced with Cesar Chavez day?

This government school socialization thing is getting harder for homeschoolers to keep up with every day. Now I gotta go home and harass my kids about what's on their bikes.