Friday, November 5, 2010

Bridgeport's Bag O' Ballots

This election fiasco has gone from bad to worse.
Aside from curiously running out of ballots and photocopying others with little to no controls, along with delivering absentee ballots to vacant lots and extending voting time for 2 hours while the Mayor of Bridgeport (most probably improperly) uses a "Reverse 9-11" system to rouse Democrats to come out to vote... now we have the magical bag o' ballots that were found uncounted in a school building. (More here)

Can anyone really take whatever election results coming out of Bridgeport seriously?

Elections require certain criteria for verifiability.
For credible and reliable elections you need several things:

1 - Integrity of the chain of custody
2 - Following election law and procedures as prescribed by statute (i.e. you can't just make stuff up)
3 - The number of votes cast must match the number of people checked in.
4 - The people checked in must be legitimate registered voters with valid identification.
5 - The process of voting, including the machines and methods used and the conditions that are applied must be transparent so that voters, poll watchers and officials can see and understand what is going on.
6 - The voting process must be auditable, that includes valid paper trails and controls of ballots and the tallies.
7 - All improper incidents need to be reported.

Not following election statutes - and causing election mayhem - may be punishable by fine!
Read the law - there may have been laws that were broken.

Read some interesting thoughts on integrity issues at CT Voters Count.

This is not over by a long shot.
There better be some serious investigations no matter who "wins" this election.
And what of the under ticket?
They were obviously affected as well.

Honestly, this is looking like we need a statewide audit and hand count.

Finally, I think Mr. Malloy should be more interested in the validity of the process then he is in taking possession of the Governor's office.
His rush to claim ownership is pretty appalling as is the rush to validate questionable numbers by our partisan and seemingly incompetent Secretary of State, Susan Bysiewicz.
If this is any indication of how Malloy does business, then we are all in for a real arrogant and dictatorial administration.

What a disgrace for Connecticut.