Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Microchipping Humans By 2017

Have you seen this NBC report?

They want to "free us from our wallets and keys".

Legislators have already proposed legislation to make it so everyone must have a chipped card in order to have a job... which of course will be followed by the inability to do many other things without "a chip".

Microchip Implants will be used to link your health records, credit history, and social security records. All medical records are already being digitized as a stipulation of Obamacare.

If government can require Americans to carry chipped documents and make your work and financial and health records a part of that, it will just be a matter of time before that chip will be implanted.... to of course "free you from carrying documents" and for "security purposes"(Remember - everything is being done for your own good).

... and don't think for one moment that this cannot ever happen.. Remember Joe Biden even mentioned it (quite strongly, I might add) in Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts' confirmation hearing.

Here's an actual commercial from IBM showing us what's in the pipeline as far as implantable RFID microchips are concerned.

Don't think it will happen?
There are billions of dollars invested in it.

The government is already holding data on us - our purchases and our phone calls.
And of course it is all in the name of "the War on Terror"

So, if we cannot fight government for having us all treated like cattle and being molested in order to fly from one destination to another, how will we combat this assault on our privacy and our ability to work and live?

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(H/T Diane C.)


Anonymous said...

So, would anyone care to explain how this is unrelated to the warning in the Bible in the book of Revelations that talks about this very thing? It would seem to me that the recent developments in our world is confirming the veracity of the Bible.

Anonymous said...

No, sadly it's COMPLETELY related to Bible prophesy. Control freak Big Brother does this crap in increments... with total disregard for our personal rights and rights allowed us by the Constitution. And like the article said, a chipped card will NO DOUBT soon lead to chipped PEOPLE! WE THE PEOPLE MUST NOT ALLOW THIS TYRANNY!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, many aren't going to wake up. They're blinded by greed and the illusion of a false god. They refuse to see. Filled with hate, they curse faith because they are so sure of themselves. Ignorance or arrogance? Thankfully, our ancestors warned us.

Anonymous said...

Why can't I access the videos anymore?

Judy Aron said...

I don't know maybe you need to update your video player .. I can see them fine. Go to YouTube and look at trouble shooting .. Can you play other videos from you Tube?

Anonymous said...

"Big Brother is watching you."

Ross Blankert said...

I don't know if you realize this but this Obama administration put microchip implants as a requirement for everyone in the Obamacare bill. It starts in 2013. I don't know if you want this in your hand or forehead but this is already in the works. Obama supporters still support this monster but I do not. Do you know why Obama supporters are like old Christmas lights? Well, they all hang together, only half of them work and the ones that do are not too bright.

Anonymous said...

This is so wrong we must not be microchiping humans... this makes no sense how is this helping us?? The book of revelation says it clear that people marked with the mark of the beast will not see the kingdom of God, and will suffer, the burning of hell!!! This idea of microchiping is exactly what that bible said would happen... you think this is helpful but your actually trying to control us and gods worshipers will not let this happen!!!

Anonymous said...

What about voluntary chipping of your children, removable when they turn 18 ? How many times do we see on the news and even more times we never even hear about children being taken, raped, totured and murdered ? If my kid went missing and I had no way of finding him vs. tracking of a chip ? I'll take the chip- we do it to our pets !! Does this mean our pets are more important than our children ? How many times to you hear about a dog being abducted by a pervert ? How many times do you hear about a pet being raped ? Something to think about.....,

Judy Aron said...

Sure... if you want to treat your children like they are animals... How about you just not chip them and instead take some responsibility of their whereabouts?
Do you know these chips cause cancer?
But whatever - go chip yourself into oblivion for all I care. I am a human being .. not some piece of inventory for the government or anyone else to track.

Anonymous said...

Terror will defeat reason.

Sam M said...

We do this to our animals? That's your defense? U going to make your kids sleep outside and eat on the floor too? Lol get a gun and do your parental duties of protecting your own children rather than relying on an inanimate object to do so? And FYI - micropchipping is not going to do u any good when your child is laying dead somewhere. Its not GPS. It only works if someone turns them in

Anonymous said...

Someone give me an amen!!!and if u think you're gonna take my guns away well, all I can say is good luck at trying. My Constitution guarantees me " freedom of speech and the right to keep and bare arms. As a Marine I took an oath that I would defend this country from all enemies foreign and domestic!