Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Rat That Is Bridgeport - Etc.

Does anyone else smell a rat?

Bridgeport....How do you not have enough election ballots?
Especially in one of the largest cities in the state?

Honestly, that trick is the oldest in the book...
It is a trick that allows you to keep the polls open 2 hours longer than anywhere else, so you can roust up as many uninterested, uninformed sheeple to come vote Democrat in order to beat the Republican guy who was polling ahead to begin with. In the meantime, wasn't it the Democrat Mayor of Bridgeport that sent out a recorded robocall to tell registered Democrats to come to vote after the judge decided to keep polls open? Like that's legit.

Oh, and what about the hundreds of blank absentee ballots that were delivered to a vacant lot in Bridgeport? And how many felons voted? Honestly, this could be a great case study in election fraud. It's shameful.

And this is what they allow Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, to get away with.

Then there was the Hartford absentee ballot situation. Apparently they were not going to count absentee ballots until AFTER the numbers for regular ballots came in. Was that so they could figure out how many more votes they needed for certain candidates to win, after the regular ballots were counted?

I think there ought to be a good investigation on all of these voter "irregularities" - although living in CT where politics is particularly a very dirty enterprise - I doubt that will happen.

We now have an Attorney General who is most likely unqualified to be in office, a documented liar who is now our Senator (who by the way, also hasn't a clue about how the economy operates), and election results for some precincts that are quite questionable.

Unfortunately, Connecticut is hopelessly mired in unethical politics and in a union stranglehold as well. We will continue to see businesses and young people leave the state - and we will continue to see our taxes rise - and we will continue to see our State and Congressional delegation support Socialist policies. Way to go Connecticut!

The Liberty movement has made a difference, and there IS change happening in the rest of the country. Unfortunately, it just hasn't hit CT yet.

On the bright side, the rest of the country had the brains to elect real change to Congress in the House - and have dumped some pretty pathetic excuses for representatives. Picking up 60-65 House seats is a significant win for the Tea Party nationally, and here in Connecticut at least we have added some more GOP seats in the CT State House as well. (Congratulations Joe Markley!)

There is still much work to do.

Rand Paul won in KY.
Allen West won in FL.
Mark Kirk won Obama's old Senate seat.
Dan Benishek won Stupak's old seat.
and a bunch more....

but the very best thing is that Nancy Pelosi has lost her gavel.