Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lt. Col. Lakin Folds

There must be enormous pressure from on high - on this 17 year Army veteran.
He must be threatened in unbelievable ways to fold as he is doing, and make the obvious pre-scripted and "remorseful" statements that he is now making.

I am of course taking about Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin of Greeley, Colo. who has been attending his court martial hearing this week at Fort Meade. Lt. Col. Lakin is an Army doctor who disobeyed orders to deploy to Afghanistan because he questioned President Barack Obama's eligibility to be Commander in Chief.

Lakin has reversed his previous statements and now told the jury Wednesday that "he was wrong to do so and would now deploy if he could".
He faces up to 3 1/2 years in a military prison and dismissal from the Army after being found guilty of missing a flight that would have gotten him to his eventual deployment and pleading guilty to disobeying orders to meet with a superior and to report to Fort Campbell in Kentucky. He asked the jury to let him remain in the Army when it decides his punishment, and jurors are expected to begin deliberating on his sentence on Thursday.

"I don't want it to end this way," said Lakin, a 17-year veteran of the Army. "I want to continue to serve."

Under questioning by his defense attorney, Neal Puckett, Lakin expressed remorse for disobeying orders. He said he now understands that the Army cannot answer his question about Obama's eligibility to be president and that it was not the appropriate place to raise the issue.

"I was wrong for trying to push this issue within the Army," he said.

So if the Army, which takes orders from the Commander in Chief, cannot validate that Obama (or anyone else for that matter) is not eligible to serve as Commander in Chief - then who can? Do they just blindly follow orders now with out proof that the person sending them into battle to die is not merely an usurper?

It is just unconscionable that a key piece of evidence was disallowed by a military judge. The judge REFUSED to let Lakin present evidence about Obama's birth certificate during the trial!!


Let's see the evidence!

So, Lt. Col. Lakin reversed his course,
saying he would now deploy even with his question unanswered. Puckett asked him why.

"That's my duty. It's what I've trained for. I'm in the Army," he replied.

"Are we done disobeying orders, Lt. Col. Lakin?" his attorney asked him.

"Yes," Lakin replied.

Lakin explained that he tried for two years to figure out to whom in the Army he could raise his questions about Obama's eligibility but that he was not given guidance what he should do. He acknowledged he used his deployment as a way to raise the issue and that he knew when he disobeyed orders that his "career was over."

Also Wednesday the jury heard testimony from two men who had served with Lakin. They described him as a compassionate physician, someone who gave therapeutic massages to soldiers on his own time and who always volunteered to help out. But military prosecutors also put on the stand the doctor that was sent to Afghanistan in Lakin's place as well as his wife, also a doctor with the military. They testified about the last-minute nature of the deployment and how it affected their lives.

Yes, let's make this 17 year veteran out to be some lily livered personnel who is afraid to deploy and makes up excuses. Sorry... I am not buying that - especially given his background. I am also not buying this reversal in Lakin's current statements as being genuinely his.

It is so clear how this is being staged and Obama's eligibility is still being covered up.

All Obama has to do is present a long form birth certificate signed by the doctors that attended the birth. The same one I, and millions of other Americans, have. The same one I have to show when I have to prove my citizenship.
Officials in Hawaii say they have seen and verified Obama's original 1961 birth certificate, which is on record with that state. But birthers have not been satisfied with that assurance or the "Certification of Live Birth" Obama has released. The certification is a digital document that is a record of a person's birth in the state, but the certificate does not list the name of the hospital where Obama's mother gave birth or the physician who delivered him.
To date there is a mountain of evidence that suggests Obama is not "natural born" as required by the Constitution. No Hawaiian hospital has claimed itself to be the birthplace of Barack Obama.
Obama would not be able to get a driver's license in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with the personal documentation he has provided to support his eligibility to serve as POTUS -- and would someone explain how anybody can get any job without presenting their scholastic and medical records? - The Obama File

All of Obama's background information has been sealed.


So how many more American soldiers will follow orders (and risk their life and limb) from a Commander in Chief that refuses to unseal his records and prove that he is in fact eligible to serve as Commander in Chief?

It's real simple.
Show the American people the long form birth certificate that the officials from Hawaii claim that they saw (who by the way never said exactly what they saw, just that he has a birth certificate on file).

And what exactly have they threatened Lt. Col. Lakin with, what deal did they make with him, that would make him redact every conviction that he held when he made the very serious decision not to deploy?

One archived news report from 2004 states that Obama was born in Kenya.

Original documents have gone missing.

The American people deserve the truth.

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"Today is the day that Obama creates his first political prisoner. I don't think Obama or his supporters completely understand the ramifications of sending a highly decorated Army officer and flight surgeon to prison because of Obama's refusal to prove his constitutional eligibility. This criminal action perpetrated by Obama will only bring more attention to his constitutional ineligibility. This criminal action perpetrated by Obama will only embolden us "Birthers'" resolve for justice in regards to Obama's ineligibility. The media would like you to believe that Lt. Col. Lakin stands alone in questioning Obama's eligibility to be Commander-in-Chief when in fact that is not the case. The list is quite long and loaded with some pretty high profile people." - Obama Release Your Records