Friday, December 10, 2010

Max Keiser Says, "Buy Silver And Crash J.P. Morgan"

Today is the day Max Keiser wants everyone to buy at least one silver coin to crash J.P. Morgan.
"Morgan’s short position totals a whopping 3.3 BILLION ounces. If, therefore, the buzz about J.P. Morgan and silver is even half true, the prestigious investment bank could be cruisin’ for bruisin’." - Eric Fry

Max Keiser is asking all Americans to buy at LEAST one (1) ounce of PHYSICAL Silver (not ETF's or silver certificates, or mining stocks). You can purchase silver online at places like APMEX or Northwest Territorial Mint or Euro Pacific Metals (and many, many others) - you can even go to a local coin dealer or pawn shop.

The reason for Keiser's viral "Buy Silver" campaign is to crash J.P. Morgan who has allegedly committed silver fraud and broken dozens of federal and state laws in manipulating precious metals while helping the Government prop up the over-valued and nearly worthless U.S. greenback currency.

People want the market manipulation to end.

It should be interesting to see what happens.
It just might be the start of a monetary revolution... and if that's the case, then people better get some physical metals now while they still can.

Remember - Gold and silver are real money. Fiat currency is merely pixie dust.