Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Medicating America's Children

You have to hand it to Big Pharma - they have won the war on drugs - They have succeeded in placing 25% of a generation to be on their medications. American children are on everything from anxiety medication, to blood pressure medication.... and they are supposed to be the ones saying "NO" to drugs!

It's absolutely appalling to me - because children are supposed to be full of boundless energy and vigor. They, instead, have been made sick... in more ways than one.

I recall when my then homeschooled daughter went to a New Year's Eve sleepover at her public schooled friends house a few years ago. Every girl there was on medication - except for of course, my daughter. She could not understand why these kids were taking anti-anxiety meds or drugs to help them "cope" with being a teenager. They took drugs to help them sleep, to help them focus, to help them have an appetite, to help them "feel good". And the list goes on. And unfortunately, these medications follow these kids into college and beyond.

The fact that there are lines to the school nurse's office every morning with kids waiting for their doses is pretty scary indeed.

It's quite sad really.
Very sad.
And very alarming for us as a nation.

The truth is that Big Pharma manufactures drugs for manufactured ailments.
It is HUGE money for them.
They have medicalized childhood.

If your child argues with you - they have an "oppositional disorder".
If they are excited or energetic - they need to be calmed down.
If they are picky eaters - they need to have their appetite stimulated.
If they don't get enough exercise - they need diet pills and heart medication.
If they cannot concentrate - they need "speed".

Disease mongering and the medicalization of childhood has indeed lined the pockets of Big Pharma and has insured them a quarter of the next generation.

The number of children on potent psychotropic drugs is quite sobering.
It has contributed to school shootings and rising numbers of suicides.
We see the same pattern creeping into our armed forces.

The reality is that many (not all) parents seem to be all too willing to put their kids on drugs and taking the word of "professionals", instead of doing some honest research and cleaning up their kids' diet, helping them cope with life's problems, shutting off the television, and just allowing them to be kids. And what's worse is that the parents themselves are on similar medications! The vicious cycle is in progress.

Seems to me that this is nothing more than large scale socially accepted child abuse, with some of it funded by big government through Medicaid and other "free" government sponsored medical care. It is enabled by our government education system and the clinics being established in our schools. Poor children and their families are the easiest targets, and some claim that they have been used as Big Pharma's guinea pigs (see below).

In any case, Big Pharma has 25% of a generation in the pipeline and that will help their bottomline a lot after the "boomer generation" is dead.

God help our children and grandchildren.
Who knows how all these medications will affect their ability to create healthy children themselves.

How immigrants, poor people, minorities and children are modern-day guinea pigs for Big Pharma (part one)

Government collusion in human medical experiments no longer just a conspiracy theory

Big Pharma paid $500,000 to Chicago psychiatrists who used children as guinea pigs


Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that drugs are over-prescribed especially of ADD. But I know a young man who took Ritalin and it worked for him. I knew him all through school and boy scouts. He is now in his mid 20's and a happy succesful young man no longer needing ritalin. He had serious problems with school and authority as a child and the drug really worked.

Judy Aron said...

I am sure there are some success stories - but there are also many pretty horrible disaster stories as well.. some ending in suicide.

Anonymous said...

The problem with blaming suicide on the drugs is that most of those who commit suicide are taking drugs because they have mental problems that make them suicidal. So at worst I think you could say they drugs didn't work or prevent them from committing suicide.

I totally disagree with the arguement that our drug companies or health care providers are intentionally creating and prescribing drugs to cause harm. It is just a fact of life that many people cannot be helped no matter what we do to help them. Blaming it on the drugs or doctors is short sighted. Modern drugs save lives by the millions. The huge variation in individuals and their many problems guarantee that some will not be saved. I do not see this as a failure of the drug companies.

Carletta said...

Very sad. :(

Skyblue said...

'He had serious problems with school and authority as a child and the drug really worked.'

lol - Looks like the drug worked for the school and the authorities. So they took him to room 101 and drugged him - easier than using rats. I wonder did he betray Julia as well or maybe just his parents.
Well I guess America lost another leader that might have been able to take down the .01 percent. - I guess that was the point - they are very clever.
We need a lot more of those people that are hostile to authority -evolution gave them to us for a purpose.

Skyblue said...

The new DSM-V has primarily targeted children.

Watch that percentage go up to 50-60 percnet.