Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Last Frontier

I just found a blog that intrigues me so much.
It's entitled "The Last Frontier" and is all about life in the Alaskan wilderness.
I am enthralled with the posts about living simply and sanely in a remote part of our nation.

Jenny and Chuck are homeschooling and raising their family in amazing serenity and self reliance.
I find myself envious of that life... although I am not so sure I could live it.
Living off the grid and being self sufficient in many ways is such a blessing though.

What I find most inspiring is the problem solving.
There's no 7-11 down the road when you run out of something... there aren't even roads.
They have to make various preparations for food storage and make lots of things "from scratch".
They live on what they grow and use botanicals for medicine.
They budget their energy usage.
They have to know what to do in medical emergencies.
They only make occasional trips to more populated areas via airplane - to get supplies and pick up the mail.
And yet, this family survives and does the mundane things like laundry and tending to their animals... and they provide their children with wonderful life sustaining lessons.

In this crazy frenetic modern world it is comforting to know that there are folks who live quite comfortably without all the so-called modern conveniences. And they do so happily. The rest of us could learn some valuable lessons from that.

The life lessons they are teaching their children are amazing.
They are not being brought up with the mind polluting twaddle of pop culture and consumerism.
These kids will be so in touch with nature and life, themselves and their family.
How fortunate they are.

I am glad to have met them and be able to share their experiences on this wonderful blog site.

I feel in touch with Jenny since we both make soap and garden.
But yet - the things I do out of "interest" are for her family most likely more for survival.

She and her husband sound like amazing people.
I am enjoying reading her stories of life in a remote area, and I look forward to reading more.
Thank you Jenny.
Keep that generator going - we love to hear from you on the Internet.