Thursday, January 6, 2011

Say NO THANKS To Federal Tax Breaks For Homeschoolers

It's like Deja Vu all over again.
This is an issue that has again gotten some discussion - this time in the New York Times.

People in Congress need to know that considering Federal Tax breaks for homeschoolers is a really really bad idea.

It's not only Un-Constitutional - but it would open the doors wide for the federal government to regulate homeschooling. It's bad enough that there are already laws on the federal books that mention homeschooling... because this means the term is already in federal statute and will one day need a Federal Judge to make a determination as to what that means exactly. That spells a lot of trouble, AND would put State laws in jeopardy.

National Home Education Legal Defense
(NHELD) has long been saying that we need to put a stop to federalizing homeschooling and end the federal government's involvement in education as well.

Another national group, Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), has SAID that they are against federal education laws - but yet, over the years, they have pushed for exempting homeschoolers and getting language regarding homeschooling in the federal law books! This goes back even to the early 2000's (here is one example) Of course the more homeschooling gets "federalized", the more HSLDA can take cases to federal court... and trying federal cases could be quite lucrative indeed. But I digress... this issue is less about HSLDA and their varied agendas and more about why the federal government needs to stay out of homeschooling - in all ways.

Deborah Stevenson, executive Director of NHELD said this:
"Government interferes with the sovereign authority of parental instruction by implementing and enforcing regulations and statutes.

When government regulates, government essentially claims supreme authority over what once was the supreme authority of parents. Once government dictates that it has that authority, it then determines how much of that authority it will exercise. In some states, the government exercises very little authority over parental instruction, perhaps only requiring parents to send “notices” to local boards of education or to the state department of education. In other states, the government exercises quite a lot of authority, perhaps requiring parents to utilize certain approved curricula or requiring the children to undergo evaluations."

‎"It is a very bad idea to include homeschoolers in laws which will allow homeschoolers to accept federal or state funding via scholarships or other similar financial benefits. We do not need to be given equity with our public school counterparts because that equity will enslave us. Autonomy is the key to our freedom. This is not an issue we can make compromises with either. Autonomy is what homeschoolers have and is what they should continue to have. If we are included in government programs we lose our autonomy and are subject to accountability, oversight, testing and whatever else the government feels is necessary to control homeschooling."

NHELD just put out an editorial on this issue (Federal Tax Breaks for Homeschoolers) which is very worthwhile reading to understand what is at stake here.

It’s Un-Constitutional and will grant new powers to the federal government it never had before - to define the term “homeschool”, to regulate it, and then to expand the federal government by adding new employees to enforce those regulations.

We certainly do not want the IRS, or any other government entity for that matter, to define who is, and who is not, a homeschooler. That will lead to what materials they can or cannot employ, as well as a whole other range of determinations. This is horrendous to even contemplate!

Message to the incoming Congress....
Leave Homeschoolers ALONE!

We don't want or need more UnConstitutional legislation with strings attached.
If they really want to do something to uphold their oath of office they ought to dismantle the UnConstitutional Federal Department of Education and leave the power to regulate education up to each individual state.

One more time for the record:

Congress has absolutely no authority to adopt any law concerning homeschooling!

So please, let's not let them.

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Susan, Mrs. Homeschool said...

Great article. I must confess I've been one of those "lemmings" that thought homeschool tax breaks would be great, but you're exactly right. The more interested the federal government gets in MY school at home, the more nervous I become. Thanks for opening my eyes to what Uncle Sam is really doing...holding out a carrot, not to help me out, but to get me close enough to rope me in and serve me for dinner! YIKES!

Anonymous said...

I've always been against 'vouchers' and any subsidy from the government for homeschoolers AND private schools. Yes, it hurts our feelings (and pocketbook) to pay those taxes, to which a huge chunk goes out of for public schools, but we keep our mouth shut and try to get taxes lowered, not ask for exemption because we're homeschoolers. Juliana, southern Illinois

Anonymous said...

Accepting any form of special status from the government is surrendering your rights in some way. Always.

In my family's case, our children don't officially exist as far as the IRS is concerned, since we refuse to submit their futures to the Social Security racket. Without SSNs, our children are not dependents and we have an ethical dilemna each year, because the government forces us to file our tax return swearing under penalty of perjury that the information is correct; and yet, each year they disallow our entry for full-time dependents.

So everyone who is shielding their children from the Mark is already familiar with the coercive IRS way of harassing We the People into compliance. Offering a "tax break" really means more temptation to submit to the ongoing rape of Americans.


Anonymous said...

In the wake of Saturday's shooting, take a look at the tendency to demonize (literally, in this case) our government, an institution made up of men and women who evidently aren't monsters impervious to bullets. No, I'm not suggesting inflated rhetoric is responsible for motivating an obviously deranged criminal; I'm insisting, however, that such language can't possibly help us progress as a nation and only leads to a sense of embattled paranoia. Please, for sake of all, give it a rest.

Judy Aron said...

Dear Anonymous - I think you ought "to give it a rest". What we had here was a deranged Leftist... and it wasn't my fault that he went on a rampage. Consider please, the words of your own president
“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”- Barack Obama.

The rhetoric of the Left and the vitriol they spew daily in the media contributed to this tragedy.

You'd be wise to read this:

Anonymous said...

I see absolutely nothing wrong with a tax credit being made available to homeschoolers. If you object to using it, you are under no obligation to claim it. There are those of us who live in states with high regulation, who would like the option, however... since we already comply with testing and the like.

A tax credit is OPTIONAL. If you don't want it, don't claim it.

Judy Aron said...

Oh so - anonymous, your thought is get what you want and screw everyone else. Nice.

You missed the whole point didn't you. It isn't about objecting to using it or not. You really want the IRS and the government defining what a homeschooler is? Worse than that - you want the government to institute yet another unconstitutional piece of legislation regarding education?

You ought to be working to eliminate the government's choke hold on you where you live instead of insisting it be crammed down the rest of our throats.

The rest of us would like to homeschool in freedom and autonomy thank you.

Sigh - some people cannot look beyond their own wants.