Friday, January 7, 2011

What's With The Dead Animals?

Birds dropping from the sky.
Dead fish washing up on the shore.
Marine die offs.

It's pretty creepy if you ask me.
And I am not buying "the fireworks scared the birds" story.

40,000 crabs washed ashore in the UK.. ya think they got scared from fireworks?
Birds are continuing to drop from the sky in a mounting, now global, mystery. Up to 100 jackdaws fell dead in a small town in Sweden. Investigators have roped off the area in an effort to determine what killed the birds, who showed signs of serious trauma, officials said. "We have determined that the birds died from severe internal bleeding caused by external blows," said a spokesman. One animal rescue worker called the die-off a "historic event." Hundreds of birds, meanwhile, have also been found dead in Kentucky and Louisiana less than a week after thousands of blackbirds fell from the sky in Arkansas, reports the New York Daily News.

The New York Daily News wrote this:

Hundreds of dead birds were found on the streets in Murray, Kentucky, officials announced Wednesday, marking the second time this week that the state has made such a discovery. Earlier in the week, several dozen dead birds were found in Gilbertsville Kentucky, according to local station WPSD.

The animal deaths in the western part of the state seem to have occurred last week, according to state officials, who told The Associated Press they discovered the dead grackles, red wing blackbirds, robins and starlings after someone called police with a tip.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources spokesman Mark Marraccini said the birds were not found to have diseases and did not appear to have ingested poisons, based on test results. He cited weather or natural events as possible explanations, according to the AP.

Sweden also reported discovering 50 dead jackdaw birds on a street in Stockholm, while 40,000 dead crabs washed up on beaches in England, according to European media reports.

These reports come on the heels of a string of mass animal death stories from Arkansas, Maryland, Brazil and New Zealand, which have caused many to joke or speculate that the world is on the verge of the apocalypse.

So far, however, each incident has been accompanied by a seemingly scientific explanation.

The birds in Kentucky may have died as a result of fireworks in the area, officials told the AP, while environmental experts say cold water likely led to the demise of the crabs in the U.K.

Cold water was also labeled the culprit in the deaths of millions of fish in Maryland's Chesapeake Bay this week.

That may be the result of climate change -- this winter marked the chilliest December to hit Britain in 120 years, according to the Daily Mail.

The panic began when roughly 5,000 dead blackbirds dropped from the sky on New Years Day in Beebe, Ark, causing some residents to call 911.

"They are like bleeding out of the mouth and some of them are not dead. I think they have been poisoned," said one caller, in a 911 call released this week.

Despite the unusual timing of the events, officials say the explanation is probably nothing out of the ordinary.

Turtle Doves are found dead in Italy with blue stains on their beaks.

What do you think?

Natural or man-made causes?
Some are speculating that poisons are being sprayed in the air and water, and are being tested.
Others think there are some sound harmonics being tested causing the massive die-offs.
There are many theories.

You can also bet on one thing that is for sure ... all of these animal die-offs are going to hurt the ecological food chain big time.
These die-offs are not a good sign at all.
It is a major disruption in each biome.

I disagree with the "officials".
I do not think global mass animal deaths is ordinary at all.

The Victoria River turned green....


Concerned One said...

I find it very interesting that we accept the explanation of "fireworks" or "cold air" as a conclusion regarding the massive death of one species of birds. Watch, it sheds much light on the current happenings from tornadic activity in December, sinkholes in rural areas, more earthquakes in the last year than have been reported over a decade. This video makes more sense that what the government is telling us. How long will we choose to remain ignorant?

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hmmm. Well, it could be fireworks--or it could have well been the unusual storms that spawned unseasonal tornadoes in Arkansas and Missouri (just across the river from Western KY.) I would be more worried about some untold natural or unnatural event if we were seeing die-offs counting millions of individuals from a higher taxon or taxa e.g. many different species from one or many classes or phyla. Hundreds or even thousands of birds can inhabit one flock,and since these birds tended to be of one or a few species that are indigenous to the areas mentioned, it does seem rather "normal" to me.

I am amused by how quickly media sources turn unusual weather into "climate change." Weather can be indicative of climate when a pattern can be seen over a number of seasons, years and decades. "Unusual weather", on the other hand, happens at some location on earth every year.

So too with die-offs caused by all sorts of natural but unpredictable events, such as intense storm cells, blizzards, volcanic eruptions, wild fires, and earthquakes. The same is true of certain human-caused disasters, such as city fires, and oil spills. (Yes cities do have ecosystems and a biological community as well). The toll which some of these events take on an ecosystem is truly catastrophic in the short term, but the species living there tend to bounce back rather quickly as well.

Janet said...

A couple years ago we had an incident in Idaho where 3000 birds fell dead. My mother is a bacteriologist and at the time was working for the University of Idaho (where many birds were sent for examination). The final analysis showed that the unusual weather conditions at the time had promoted the growth of aspergillus mold on the ground near bodies of water in the region where they died. Their lungs filled with aspergillus spores and caused the mass die offs. It took a little while for the lab results to be publised. Sometimes we really do have oddities occur that have nothing to do with anything other than acts of God.