Friday, February 25, 2011

COTG Gets The Stylish Blogger Award!

Thank you to Linda Dobson at Parent at the Helm for awarding COTG this great honor! I am so surprised and ever so grateful for being tapped for this award.

Of course, as with any of these blog awards, there are rules. The “rules” that come along with this award designation are (1) to divulge seven things about me, and then (2) pay the Stylish Blogger Award forward to fifteen other blogs.

So here are seven things about me …

1. I am absolutely still head over heels in love with my husband Michael - and I am blessed to have 3 wonderful, independent and loving children.
2. I do not have a TV hooked up to cable - nor does it receive digital signal - therefore I do not watch TV, nor do I miss it since we canceled cable a year ago.
3. My mother named me Judy because she adored Cary Grant and Judy Garland (I was almost named Joan) and legally it is Judy and not Judith.
4. I am addicted to soap making.
5. I can't drive a stick shift.
6. I made sharpshooter in the last Appleseed event that I attended - but missed Rifleman (next time).
7. I am a fan of Chocolate, Pizza, Italian Pastry, Chinese Food, Ayn Rand, Seinfeld, Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Peter Schiff, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Gerald Celente, The Founders, JPFO, Appleseed, Von Mises, John Taylor Gatto, Wallace and Gromit, Dick Heller and Ruger (not in that order).

And now (drumroll) I will award the following fifteen blogs with their very own Stylish Blogger Award and sweetly recommend that you check them out (links provided)! They all rock!

COTG passes the Stylish Blogger Award to these fine recipients:

The Last Frontier
The Desk of Brian
Why Homeschool
Ragamuffin Studies
Roscommon Acres
The Thinking Mother
Corn and Oil
Classic Adventures
Homeschool Cafe
Red Notes From A Blue State
Proper Role of Government
Rational Jenn
Survival Blog
Homespun by Cher

(I would have put Parent at the Helm on this list but since Linda D. bestowed this upon me I can't just give it back.)

So have fun kiddos.
Thanks for reading!

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ChristineMM said...

Aw shucks, thanks Judy!