Thursday, February 24, 2011

Obama - The Official Dictator In Chief

When a country's leader decides for himself what laws to uphold and what laws to ignore then we indeed have in our midst a dictatorship.

Forget what side of the issue you are on regarding gay and traditional marriage.. it doesn't matter ... the fact of the matter is that Obama has decidedly given the Justice Department the orders not to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act, which was a a bill signed into law by President Bill Clinton. The Obama administration has removed its legal support for the federal Defense of Marriage Act, stating that the law fails to meet constitutional scrutiny standards and therefore the administration is under no obligation to defend it.

So when did Obama become the judge and jury?
No such decision regarding constitutionality of DOMA took place in any courtroom – the Obama Department of Justice has taken it upon itself to declare it unconstitutional. This is the act of a dictator. As Ulsterman states:
The result is yet another example of the law of the land being willfully ignored by the Obama White House simply because it has decided it does not like the law. No decision by the Supreme Court overturning the law. No bill passed in Congress making it so. Simply the decision of the Executive Branch.
Just as it was an act of a dictator to ignore the court rulings having to do with the unconstitutionality of Obamacare.. or the court rulings regarding the unconstitutionality of the moratorium Obama placed on offshore oil drilling in the Gulf, this is another example of the Obama administration disregarding the Rule of Law.

Where is the outrage?

Freedom is truly at peril as we now have a sitting President who is purposefully choosing to ignore some laws, while supporting others, regardless of his own defined powers of office and borne purely because of political self-interest.

He sues states that are protecting themselves and their citizens and defies governors who are trying to restore fiscal sanity in accordance with their own state constitution.

Ulsterman writes:
President Obama’s recent and strongly supportive comments (and substantial amounts of money) toward the striking union workers in Minnesota, and now other states in the country – workers who are in violation of their contracts, obtaining false physician notes, who have aggressively threatened Republican lawmakers, and are grinding the government of Wisconsin and other states to a halt at the cost of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. Obama’s support of such actions again emphasizes his now open preference toward lawlessness when that lawlessness involves his own political enablers.

These are truly signs of a dictatorship.
We cannot abide by these actions.
To do so would condone leadership that feels it is above the law - and one who feels that they can create and interpret laws as they wish.

Until the laws are changed - and court rulings are appealed and reversed - the Rule of Law must be followed - by our president and his Justice Department. To do otherwise is just proof that Obama is now the dictator of the United States.