Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Preparing For Large Scale Economic Breakdown and Civil Unrest

The economy is not getting better - people are still losing their jobs - taxes are going up - people are squeezed. Meanwhile, our government - the same government that caused this mess - is quietly training and making plans to deal with economic and social unrest/collapse. This isn't merely time passing war-games. They know what is coming.

Apparently, the Army has been conducting war games called Unified Quest 2011, and part of it examines strategy to deal with the possibility of “large scale economic breakdown” inside of the United States, maintaining “domestic order amid civil unrest” and dealing with fragmented global powers.

Some people have reported that U.S. Army soldiers are being trained to respond to domestic policing and enforcement issues. Posse Comitatus is out the window. It is said that the Army has been training in evacuation, detainment and riot response. Millions of our tax dollars are being spent to train our military to put down demonstrators, and control the population.

Just check out this photo.

(Photo taken by U.S. Airforce Tech. Sgt. Brian E. Christiansen, North Carolina National Guard at Vigilant Guard training exercise Ft. Richardson, Alaska - April 2010)

Notice the role playing of a protester with the sign "Food Now!"
There are other photos here.

FEMA suggests that every family have emergency preparedness supplies readily available, which would include food and water to last at least two weeks.

But honestly, what would you do if you woke up tomorrow and you were not able to use the money in your wallet? or a credit card? what if you had no electricity or heat or running water? What if your town began experiencing food supply disruptions, violence and looting? Would you be able to handle it? Would you be prepared? Would you expect the government to help you? Do you remember the government's "help" during Katrina?

Would you leave your house if government personnel mandated that you do so? What if they decided to confiscate certain personal property? Don't think it could happen? Do you remember Katrina?

This is why we need to support Oathkeepers!

The U.S. government and many of their counterparts around the world are getting ready - just in case - so maybe we all should too.

Just sayin'.

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