Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Public Hearing On Gun Bills This Thursday In Hartford

Gun registration.. the only purpose to gun registration is to begin to take your guns away from you.
The Nazis did that too.

Remember Katrina?
They went house to house confiscating guns from law abiding citizens putting them at the mercy of criminals.

Criminals won't register their guns.
So what's the point of registration?
Only to let the government know who has them when they want to come take them away - that's all.

Criminals do not abide by the laws.
Why are they making it more difficult to be a law abiding gun owner?
How will that keep the public safe?

Come to the public hearing on Thursday at 10 am at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.
Contact the legislators sitting on the Public Safety Committee and tell them what you think.
Tell them what you think of the lousy anti-second amendment legislation being proposed.
One bill presented does not even have wording to it - its just a "concept".
How do you have a public hearing on a bill that has no proposed language?

Some of these bills are unenforceable at best.
This is yet more dopey knee jerk reactions from anti-gun legislators who know nothing about owning a firearm, but want to make it look like they are doing something about crime in CT.

Come out and oppose these bills:
HB 5800 AN ACT REQUIRING REGISTRATION OF ALL FIREARMS Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened: That section 29-33 of the general statutes be amended to (1) require that (A) any person who purchases a firearm register the firearm within ten days of purchase, (B) any person who purchased a firearm prior to this statute's effective date register that firearm within ten days of the effective date, (C) any person owning a firearm renew registration every five years, and (D) anyone whose registered firearm is sold, stolen or lost report such sale, theft or loss within ten days of such event; and (2) provide that the Department of Public Safety receive the registrations required by subdivision (1) of this section. Statement of Purpose: To require registration of all firearms.

SB 42 AN ACT CONCERNING GUN SAFETY STANDARDS FOR FIRING RANGES Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened: That chapter 943 of the general statutes be amended to require gun safety standards for any target range that holds a regulatory or business license for the purpose of practicing shooting at that target range. Statement of Purpose: To establish gun safety standards for all firing ranges.
(There is no attached language to this bill at all!)

HB 6185 AN ACT CREATING A GUN OFFENDER REGISTRY. Purpose: To require that persons convicted of certain gun crimes register their names and addresses with the local police department for the municipality in which they reside.

Please come out and support these bills:

HB 5263 AN ACT AUTHORIZING RENEWAL OF STATE PERMIT TO CARRY A PISTOL OR REVOLVER BY MAIL. Purpose: To permit the holder of a state pistol permit to renew the permit by mail.
HB 5270 AN ACT AUTHORIZING RENEWAL OF STATE PERMIT TO CARRY A PISTOL OR REVOLVER BY MAIL OR BY ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION. Purpose: To permit the holder of a state permit to carry a pistol or revolver to renew said permit by mail or by electronic submission
HB 5643 AN ACT CONCERNING THE CARRYING OF FIREARMS BY OUT-OF-STATE RESIDENTS. Purpose: To allow an out-of-state resident who holds a license or permit to carry from another state to carry firearms in this state
SB 547 AN ACT CONCERNING FIREARMS. To revise the applicability of the statute regulating the sale, delivery and transfer of handguns and to modify the definition of "assault weapon.
SB 554 AN ACT CONCERNING THE PISTOL PERMIT APPEALS PROCESS. Purpose To set certain time limits for pistol permit

Come testify .. let them know what you think.

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Anonymous said...

So it looks like the second amendment has no meaning or respect in CT. Multiple studies have shown that states with tougher gun laws have higher crime rates. Another example of a historically liberal state ignoring the statistics and deeming they know what's right...because they say so. Pathetic.