Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Carnival Of Homeschooling - The Homeschool Journey Edition

This edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling offers some fine "nuts and bolts/back to basics" blog posts about homeschooling our children (teens included). Everything from remembering why we chose homeschooling to how we do homeschooling to how we celebrate our choice to homeschool (and more), is presented in this carnival this week.

What you will glean from this week's entries is that homeschooling works.
It is not just comprised of lesson plans though, it is about families dedicated to living life and learning together. It is all about how families weave together the challenges of life and learning with hearth and home... and for the most part make it fun and rewarding.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in. This week's entries remind us all why homeschooling is an amazing journey.

First and foremost, I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Jennifer - daughter and home high school graduate of "Mr. and Mrs. Mama Hen". The world is your oyster Jennifer! May you find abundant opportunities, have many successes, and have lots of love, prosperity and good health along your life's path! I am sure that I speak for us all in saying how proud we are of your accomplishment. To your dad who will be deployed - May G-d keep you safe from harm and bring you home swiftly to those who hold you dear. To Mama Hen: You ROCK! Thanks for sharing your special milestone with us.

Here's our very first post for this carnival entitled: Homeschool Graduation from the blog MrsMamaHen.com who writes, "Yesterday was my daughter's graduation. She is our oldest child, and first homeschool graduate in our whole family. She worked very hard to graduate early, so her father would be here for it before he leaves for Iraq."

Here is another excellent post regarding homeschool teens. It is entitled Self-Directed Learning - Homeschooling and Self-Learning published at Homeschool Reviews and Resources. It describes self-directed learning and how to encourage self-learning with a homeschool teen. Quote of Note: "What my teen and I need to cultivate is more self-directed learning and self-learning and less teacher-directed learning."

The previous post might help solve some issues in this next entry... But you know - just like anything else, homeschooling has its ups and downs. Two Kid Schoolhouse writes about Homeschooling when you don't feel like it anymore and talks about overcoming burnout.

But what about homeschooling difficult children? Successful Homeschooling discusses Susan Wise Bauer’s tricks of the trade for homeschooling the REAL (distractable, impatient, argumentative, unenthusiastic, non book-loving, inattentive, poky, vague) child. The title of this entry is – Homeschooling the Difficult Child, Part 2 – Passive Resisters.

Inevitably - some of us may think to ourselves, "Have I scarred my children for life because we used something different when they were in kindergarten?" Sloan Homeschool doesn't think so (and neither do I). Their post Kindergarten Tears explores this notion, and if there is any doubt in your mind.. please re-read the first entry of this carnival regarding homeschool graduation.

And of course there are always people asking That Dreaded Question about our children's socialization. Quinsmomma describes how she usually answers this question and how she really feels about the need for socialization.

.... and while we are on the topic of socialization - I enjoy it when homeschoolers are outspoken on an issue - Alasandra's Homeschool Blog asks: What does Alan Ford have against homeschoolers?

Once we get over the hurdle of doubting ourselves, or the curriculum we've chosen or dealing with the naysayers... we can get down to the adventure of learning. Here are some wonderful ideas and other useful information:

Harvest Moon by Hand gives us a lesson for the great outdoors posted at Outdoor Hour Challenge Winter Series #9 Mammals and #45 Squirrels

Angela England also gives us Educational Outdoor Activities For Kids posted at Blissfully Domestic which features educational outdoor activities for kids including activity ideas for ponds, outdoor animals, etc.

... and here's another tip from Kinder Days - A Spring Seed planting party for ages 2-12 including Flower pot painting, Garden Marker designing, Sensory bins, Seed to plant lessons etc... it's a total GREEN Hands on experience!

Speaking of outdoors - Living and Learning lists 50 Outdoor Activities Your Children Will Love complete with some pretty fabulous photos.

The Peterson kids loved doing some fun activities and visiting some websites this week and they share them with their post: general nerdiness over at don't let life pass you by

Need a math idea? Here is a terrific Lesson Idea - Math - Linear Graphs using real data posted at The Itchy Homeschooler.

Jamie presents Number Crunching Craziness... - Blogs - Parent Community and Forum posted at Home School Online. Are you struggling with getting through math while having Spring Fever? Here are a few tips to get kids back on task and enjoying it!

Tea Time with Annie Kate clues us in on what she's learned about the differences between different science course levels in high school with this article Is this Course Grade 11, Grade 12, or AP?

Need to keep all of that organized? Christine Guest shows us what is working right now for keeping her organized with her post How do I keep track of lessons?and Homeschool? over at Our Curious Home.

And of course, with all of the choices in front of us, homeschoolers learn the importance of flexibility. Why Homeschool shows how the flexibility of homeschooling has been a great benefit for their family with an entry entitled A benefit of homeschooling: Flexibility!

Homeschoolers without books? .... well, one cannot even conceive of the idea...

Nirvana Homeschooling shares their book experience with The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.

... and Sage Parnassus opines on books and discussions in the post Bent Leather, Part 2 .

As for other media: Barbara Frank Online talks about Children and Television Viewing which she believes can be ok for kids if it's done in moderation.

and No Fighting, No Biting! says that computers are not as complicated as today's adults make it out to be. They found that just by letting their 12 year old loose on the laptop, he picked up many complex tasks without a single Computer Technology teacher or class! Find out more with their blogpost entitled: another schooling myth debunked.

Reading Remedies for iPhone and iPad presents an iPhone/iPad Application (App) to assist in helping children develop early literacy skills at Creating Lifelong Learners.

In closing, we have inspiration and awesomeness.

We Keep Choosing Us has an inspirational post entitled: Comparing. This article is generally about Comparing, but the author has found that it's difficult (especially in the beginning) to avoid comparing herself to other homeschooling Mamas. She believes we are meant to use comparison as a tool of INSPIRATION rather than DESPERATION.

Linda Dobson presents enough fun to keep a family busily, happily learning throughout the whole summer with A List of Top Lists of Awesomeness for Homeschooling Families posted at PARENT AT THE HELM.

I applaud you all for sharing your stories, inspirations and tips and techniques.
Readers and contributors to this week's carnival - you have my thanks and my admiration!
Three Cheers for being a part of the Homeschool Journey!
Journey On!


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